Lady Ingrid and Lady Kolfinna extend our sincerest thanks to all who helped out at Val Day 35.  If it weren't for all of the wonderful hardworking volunteers, this event would not be able to happen.  Val Day was absolutely fantastic and we had a great turnout, despite the weather!!! 

A very special thanks to:
  • Sieur Raymond D'Anjou, Heavy Marshall; Peacock
  • Lord Enoch Mustelis, Fencing Marshall;
  • THL Cerdic The Blodetere, Chirurgeon; 
  • Mistress Siobhan O'Neill, Merchant Liaison Mistress;
  • Mistress Enid D'Auliere, A&S Display;
  • Master Rowan of Wind-tree Tower, Web Site Manager; 
  • Mistress Zaynab Yasmine bint Hasan, Dancer's Ball, Hafla & Dessert Revel Coordinator 
  • Baroness Failenn Brecc, Lunch Tavern Coordinator and assisting with the special dinner
  • Baroness Catarina deBruyn, the Royalty Liaison, and for assisting with the special dinner and for all the unwavering help in everything;
  • Lady Catorna de Dia of Westmere, for Troll coordination;
  • Lord Devon of Ayr, for Troll and signage;
  • Lady Emmalie the Faire and Baroness Kathryne Sommerfeldt and the GFL, for merchant set-up/tear down and all the heavy work;
  • Lord Ian and Lady Sarah, for the special dinner;
  • Lord Eoin O'Seahgdha, for unending support and assistance and sugar and caffeine;
  • Lord Bijon in Kyree, for anything and everything we asked;
  • And to all those that helped at Troll, site set up, site break down, and in the many other ways in between that helped immensely!
We couldn't have done it without you!

Thank you again,
Lady Kolfinna and Lady Ingrid

Lost and Found at Valentine's Day

  • black and white nike jacket
  • burgundy levi strauss jacket
  • red head piece
  • brown leather piece
  • plaid scarf
  • pewter goblet
  • simplicity costume patterns
  • crochet pattern for a basic snood
  • black ear muffs
  • borders rewards card
  • heart charm braclet
  • bush master case with tweazers and plastic needle
  • pendant
  • black leather glove

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