Key Items:
Enemies: Soldier, Shadows, Red Nocturne, Large Body, White Mushroom

Welcome to Wonderland! Enjoy the opening cinematic and we're off. First off head forward and around the corner. Head through the opening that appears. Now obviously you are not going to fit through the same door he went through so lets try something else. First go over to the door so that you can talk to it. Now go over to the bed and push the bed into the wall. Then drink the blue bottle and walk through the hole in the wall. Enjoy the cinematic and head for the save point. It's located immediately behind you in the same direction as you came. From here head back towards the Queen and take an immediate left after the hedge. Walk through the opening. After meeting the Cheshire Cat you find out the mission. At any point if you cannot understand what I am talking about you can continue without finding all four pieces of evidence however I highly suggest you do. First off aproach the yellow flower on the left. It will ask you for a potion so go to item, potion, and then select flower while still looking at the flower. This will make you grow somewhat like the orange bottle in the second room. Now that you are big walk to the left of the screen to make the stump go into the ground and a lilipad branch come down. Now walk towards the right side of the screen until you get into a little nook. Examine the top item and then use the new take and then the eat commands to shrink down again. From this point turn left and go right around the corner to find the first piece of evidence Footprints. Then head over to the center of the area and you will find a blue trinity giving you a tent, potion, and ether. Go to the yellow flower to the right and give it a potion to recieve a Hi-Potion. Then go back to the area you grew and turn left to find a red flower. Use the ether you just got to get a camping set. Head up the path you just came from towards the red flower. If you took my advice earlier and got an ether in traverse town you can use it to get another camping set by giving it to this flower. Then go around the corner to your left and you should see three mushrooms. Jump on the lowest one and then on the one to the right. Then jump to the lilipad next to it and claim the 2nd piece of evidence Antenna. Then turn around and jump down to the first mushroom. Turn the camera to the left so that you can see the final mushroom. This one is tricky and you might have to try it a few times before you get it, but try until you do! Then jump onto the lilipad and look to the left again. There is another lilipad with another distance that is simingly impossible to jump, but it is. Once accross open up the chest to recieve Dalmations 16, 17, and 18. Turn to your left and jump onto the branch with the fruit on it. Jump accross the gap to your right to get to the other lilipad. Now head to your left and through the hole in the tree trunk. Once here open the 3rd piece of evidence Stench and jump down to the ground. Head out through the hole and back into lotus forest. Now head down the path towards the familiar red flower and jump onto the smallest mushroom. Then jump onto the mushroom to the left again and onto the lilipad accross from it. Now go left onto the branch and accross the large gap to the row of lilipads. Now head to your right jumping over the gaps in the lilipads then head left into the bizarre room. Remember this place? You will see a lot more of it before too long. Look to the left (you might have to use first person view) and you will see a ledge with the 4th piece of evidence Claw Marks. Jump accross another leap of faith and grab the evidence. After the conversation with the Cheshire Cat you will recieve Blizzard. Jump back down to the floor and head back through the hole in the wall. SAVE NOW. The next part requires more luck than skill so please save before you continue. Walk towards the queen's throne and talk to the ace of hearts below. Tell him you are ready and you will find out why I had you save. Choose a box. I can't help you here as it is all random, but if you got all four boxes you have a 4/5 chance of picking the right one. However you will see that even if you get the right one it doesn't really matter. You will have to battle the cards but don't worry they're not that hard. What your objective is is to attack the small building in the middle. This will lower the prison cell containing Alice and once you succeed the battle is over. Let Donald and Goofy pound away at the cards while you attack (with lock on) the house in the middle.
Note: You must attack all the sides and the building itself before the cell will fall.
After you destroy the tower the cell will fall and you will discover that Alice is missing. Heal yourself if necessary and then save. Now head into the Lotus forest for another meeting with the Cheshire Cat. After he is done talking go straight and then take your first right. In here jump onto the two mushrooms and then onto the lilipad. Once on top go left and accross the lilipads and into the hole in the left wall to find yourself in a now sideways bizarre room. Destroy the heartless here and then go over to the faucet. Turn the knob. Jump in the pot and you will find yourself on top of a ledge in the queens courtyard. Grab the chest and you will find dalmations 58, 59, and 60. Now jump off again and run across the courtyard to the forest. Inside the forest run forward and take your first right. Jump up the two mushrooms and follow the lilipad path to the right. Go in the hole in the left wall and you will be back inside the bizarre room. Once inside jump on top of the cabinet and then on top of the fireplace chimney. Once on top jump down inside the fireplace and you will be on a different wall of the bizarre room. Touch the left lamp (facing down) and a chest will pop out. Open it to get a defense up. Use it now if you want or save it for later it doesn't matter. Touch the right lamp (again facing down) and the picture will change. Examine the picture to go to the forest again. You can get a Mythril Shard from the yellow flower on the left and a Hi-Potion from the yellow flower on the right. I suggest getting both if you want to synthesize items later in the game. Once done jump back down the hole. To continue look to your left and on that wall there should be a stack of books with a hole above them. Jump through the hole to be transported to another part of the forest. Turn left and jump down into the area below. Look for a hole in the left wall and enter it. Once inside the Tea Party Garden go straight for the house and in the door to end up on the ceiling of the bizarre room. After you talk to the Cheshire Cat go towards the chandeliers in the middle jump onto one from the side and either wait for donald and goofy to finish off the heartless here or kill them first. Once you are ready touch the lamp and then jump to the next one and touch that too. After the Cheshire Cat is done talking and annoying you head for the Tea Party Garden. Then head right into Lotus Forest. In the forest head straight and then around the bend to the left. Look for the original entrance to the forest and head through it. Once in the queen's court go right and save. Once you have saved head into the bizarre room. In here follow the cat's advice and jump onto the chair and then the table. Talk to the cat and get ready for a fight.
BOSS -- Trickmaster
Suggested Level:
My Level: Sora:
The first thing you need to know about this guy is he is tall. So tall that Sora cannot attack him from the ground. You must rely on magic and jumping off the table. However Goofy is also able to jump and attack him. When he has sustained enough damage he drops health everywhere and sort of falls half way over. At this point Sora needs to whack away with everything he has in order to do the most damage when you can. Eventually he will die but it might take a little while. I have found that blizzard (if you got it from the Cheshire Cat) is extremely effective. Also Sora can sometimes get a lucky shot or two by jumping while the guy is somewhat crouching.
You will get the accessory Ifrit's Horn for winning the battle. You have successfully locked your first world! You get the Navi-G Piece for doing that. After the conversation you will be at a save point. Save and board your gummi ship. If you would like to go back to Traverse Town to buy items or accessories you can, but as soon as you're done its off to Olympous Coliseum. I know what you're thinking. There is a world right next door why not go there first? Well my answer is twofold. First, Tarzan is harder in enemies and bosses. Second, once you beat worlds you will be unlocking new tournaments at the olympus coliseum so if you complete this first you can come back here as soon as events open up. So, head off to travers town first and then continue onward to olympus coliseum.
Note: If you are running low on items make sure you stop at Travers Town and pick some up. You should have at least five potions for the upcomming section.
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