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Bed & Breakfast
Creek House
Black Bear Cottage

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The Helicopter ride was a blast! Probably the most fun you can have in an hour with your clothes on. :-) We shot over 400 pictures. It was the only break in the weather for days and the leaves were dropping fast.

The original part of the main house was built in the early 60's as a summer cabin by Colonel "Pug" and his wife. Pug was the Wing Commander at McCoy Air force base in Orlando. When he retired in the 80's they built the other half of the house. The glass foyer is squeezed between two huge 200+ year old Tulip trees because they couldn't bear to cut them down. We like these folks. We bought the place in 1998. Pug and his wife still live in the area.

The footbridge Pug made may look like 'Pre-Columbian Art' as Michael Douglas said in "Romancing the Stone", but it's very sturdy. It is supported by two 4-sided steel beams. The rails are Tulip tree saplings bound with rope. We brought the 'fridge across it!

We're so well shaded, Sandee's only sunny garden spot is along the upper side of the creek bank along the road. She cleared it herself (I know because I stood and watched her :-) and hauled the rocks and dirt and planted hundreds of flowers.

Every time I walk past a window I have to stop and look out across the pasture at that incredible mountain view. It's breathtaking. Every time it's a little bit different. The trees, the clouds or a hawk flying by. No wonder I never get anything done. Except I sure take a lot of pictures.

There are several towering Tulip trees around the house. They are a relative of the Magnolia tree. Some are nearly 100 feet tall. They age-dated some Tulip trees in the Pisgah National forest and based on their size, ours are probably 200 to 300 years old. Hard to imagine.

That roaring, tumbling creek is what drew us to this place. What a find! (Sandee did it!) It's too special to keep all to ourselves, which is why we just had to open a B & B, so others could come and enjoy it too. Are you next? Pug built the waterwheel out of wood and tin many years ago. He challenged the Tuscola High School shop class to come up with a sealed bearing for the hub. They met the challenge. It's been in continuous operation for 15 years and still going strong (as long as I do my job and keep the intake filter cleaned out. :-)
We bought the cottage next door to our property in April 2000. We completely renovated it and added a bathroom and decks. Neither house could be built where they are today, so close to the creek. 

Come and enjoy!