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Title Gracias Returns Volume 1
Circle PALS in Kuroshiogumi
Date 28 Dec 2003 (1992-1995)
Size B5 (7.17 x 10.12 inches)
Pages 220
Genre General
Character(s) Mirai Trunks, Vegeta, Bulma, Mirai Bulma, Mirai ChiChi, ChiChi, Gohan, Mirai Gohan, Chibi Trunks, Goku, Mirai Androids 17 & 18, Cell, Mirai Cell
Couple(s) Vegeta/Bulma, Goku/ChiChi

This DB doujinshi volume is extremely good! The series focus is on Mirai Trunks. The volume is a collection of the doujinshi Welcome Home My Boy 1-4, , Mix! Vegetable, and (kanji) - Trunks all from PALs. It covers stories from how Trunks became SSJ, his death by Cell in the Future timeline (a good, but dramatic story), gags his mother pulls on him *Bwhahaha!*, to trying to fit into the normal timeline with Vegeta, Bulma, and later Chibi Trunks. The artwork in these stories is Very close to the original.


Title Gracias Returns Volume 2
Circle PALS in Kuroshigumi
Date 28 Dec 2003 (1992-1996)
Size B5 (7.17 x 10.12 inches)
Pages 196
Genre General
Character(s) Mirai Trunks, GT Chibi Trunks, Pan, Bra, Vegeta, Bulma, Goten, Goku, Mirai Bulma, Mirai ChiChi, ChiChi, Gohan,
Couple(s) Vegeta/Bulma, Goku/ChiChi

This volume has the doujinshi Welcome Home My Boy 5-6, (kanji) 2 Trunks Second, Super Hero, and DBGT (kanji). The first story in this volume is during the GT timeline when Pan, Trunks, and Chibi Goku are searching for the Black Star Dragonballs. After that a few short stories when Mirai Trunks is training with Vegeta in the Spirit Room for Cell. Then a story in the Future timeline where Bulma gives Trunks the wristwatch satillite tracking device he uses in the regular timeline to find where Goku would land. In the second half of this volume Mirai Trunks and teenage Chibi Trunks are trying to get along with each other in Vegeta and Bulma's household. But there seems to be resentment from Chibi Trunks and Mirai Trunks just trying to figure out how to deal with it. *chuckle* I really wish I could read to see what is said in this story! Although the artwork and everything is still topnotch, I enjoyed the first volume more. But then I like the that time period better, so I know that has an influence!


Title Love Song
Circle Fighting Spirits & Ultra Z Company
Date 28 Oct 1990
Size A5 (5.83 x 8.27 inches)
Pages 35
Genre General, Romantic (?)
Character(s) Bulma (main), Goku (main), Raditzu, Gohan, Krillin
Couple(s) Bulma/Goku

Love Song contains three stories and one page page story. The first one is the meeting of Raditzu, the second, "Please Shenlong," is Bulma and Goku conversing in a hospital while he is recovering (I'm assuming after Goku's first fight with Vegeta) and Bulma imagining herself as a bride, the third one is where Bulma is left alone on Namek and gets depressed when she thinks of all her friends back home. She later cheers up when she thinks of Goku and how he always comes to save the day. The one page story is where Goku is proud about writing something (in japanese) with paint while Gohan looks on.

This was a randam buy for me, since I'm more of a Vegeta/Bulma couple fan. But I am glad I got it! ^_^ My favorite was "Please Shenlong" by Akira Shima. I think this story has the best artwork in this book. Although it is kinda funny to see the charas with pointed ears, I really like the style of it.


Title I am Elite
Circle Studio Shamparingompa
Date 18 Feb 1990
Size A5 (5.83 x 8.27 inches)
Pages 19
Genre General, Humor
Character(s) Vegeta (main), Raditzu, Zarbon
Couple(s) none

This contains the story of where Vegeta is on Namek and is searching for the dragoanballs and runs into Zarbon. Throughout the story are flashbacks of Vegeta talking to Raditzu and Zarbon. Of the stories within the story, there is one about the sensitivity of saiyajin tails (not perverse! *chuckle*), Vegeta trying to sense out ki without a scouter on Namek, and a conversation between Vegeta, Raditzu, and Zarbon that has Vegeta furious.


Rurouni Kenshin

Title Violently Happy 5
Circle Yamaguchirou
Date 11 August 2000
Size B5 (7.17 x 10.12 inches)
Pages 15
Genre Romantic
Character(s) Tomoe (main), Tomoe's fiance (main), Kenhin, Karou, Kenji
Couple(s) Tomoe/fiance, Kenshin/Karou

Tomoe's ghost watches a family walk by when her fiance surprises her from behind. She is depressed, but when they see Kenshin with Karou and their son, Kenji walk by she is happy again while her fiance hugs her. This is a sweet little doujinshi. ^_^


Title Desire
Circle Hayakawa Bokujyo
Artist Hayakawa Tsubasa
Date 3 May 1998
Size B5 (7.17 x 10.12 inches)
Pages 34
Genre Romantic
Character(s) Tomoe (main), Kenhin (main)
Couple(s) Tomoe/Kenshin

This doujinshi takes place during Kenshin's battousai days when they were staying together. Deals mostly with everyday kinda things like sharing tea (or sake, not sure). It is shows them looking at each other and hearing their thoughts. *chuckle* I wish I knew what exactly they are thinking!


Fruits Basket

Title ?
Circle Replica Co.
Date 28 Dec 2002
Size B5 (7.17 x 10.12 inches)
Pages 42
Genre General
Character(s) Sonma clan, Tohru
Couple(s) -

A lot of different stories in this one. Each chara has at least separte story. The longest has Kyou making origiri (rice ball triangles) while Ayame teases him.


One Piece

Title Sakura Typhoon
Circle A confident Trickster Yukari Himekawa
Date 11 Aug 2001
Size B5 (7.17 x 10.12 inches)
Pages 30
Genre General, Romantic
Character(s) Nami, Zoro, Chopper, Sanji
Couple(s) Zoro/Nami

The story starts with Sanji flirting and teasing Nami as she walks through the kitchen. She finds Zoro asleep on deck and watches him. Later Chopper talks to Zoro, then finds Nami and talks to her. After they talk Zoro runs into Nami and corners her. Nami blushes and he smiles and grabs her and tosses her over his sholder. Then then goes below deck and tosses her on the bed. He takes off his shirt whiel she is blushing and reaches for him and ... the story ends! *chuckle* Quite a place to leaave off, huh? ^_^ It looks to be a fairly good doujinshi, but there is quite a bit of dialogue, so I can't follow exactly what is going on when Chopper talks to both of them.