See Sara on Animal Planet's "Growing Up Clouded Leopard".

Sara has many years experience as a zoo keeper (carnivore) and the hand raising of baby cats. A zoo keeper is a professional caregiver for zoo animals. This includes everything from feeding them to seeing that they remain healthy. A lot of time is spent just seeing that their habitat is kept clean and safe for both people and the animals. A zoo keeper must always be aware of any change in the animals behavior. This could signal that something is wrong. Zoo keepers are also called upon by visitors to answer questions about diets, habits, behavior and other questions pertaining to the animals and the zoo. For a list of frequently asked questions click here.

Sara has taken care of many cats, including tigers, lions, Siberian lynx, clouded leopards, snow leopards ,servals, African leopards, ocelots, cougars and bears. Her favorite cats are snow leopards, clouded leopards and of course her own Siberian lynx. One of the best parts of being a zoo keeper is actually having some hands-on experiences with the animals. She was the cat mom because she was the one who took care of the baby cats. This is done when the mother rejects them or they are "pulled" in order to make them a better exhibit animal (safer to work with and more at ease around people) or the animal is to be used in an educational program. This is her favorite part of being a zoo keeper. 

Sara also toured with Siegfried and Roy during the promotion of their IMAX film The Magic Box.
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If you have any questions reguarding the raising of exotic cats, including nutrition and hand raising, you can leave them here.

Careers In Zoo Keeping

If you have an interest in becoming a zoo keeper or pursuing any of the other zoo related careers be sure to visit the AAZK and AZA home pages. One of the best and least expensive ways to learn more about zoo keeping is to volunteer at your local zoo. Most zoos have programs where individuals can volunteer a few hours a week.This benefits the zoo and you can gain some valuable experience. For more information check out the Bureau of Labor Statistics Career Information on zoo keeping.

Current job listings for AZA accredited institutions.

This is for information purposes only and should not be taken as a recommendation or endorsement.

Canisius College
Moorpark College
Santa Fe Community College Zoo Animal Technology Program

Help Stop The Killing Of Lynx

Petition to Stop Killing Lynxes in Norway The Government of Norway (Directory for Wildlife Resources and Ministry of the Environment) has approved of hunting down and killing140 individuals of the Eurasian Lynx in February / March 1997.This is about 25% of an estimated total number of ~500-600 animals in the whole country, and 36 more than under last years hunt. Scientific research indicates that if the natural population of lynxes in an area is reduced by about 20%, the result may be that the lynx becomes extinct in this area. Join the On-line Petition to STOP killing lynxes in Norway by clicking on the World Lynx logo.

More Pictures of Sara's Cats

Bed time for a baby tiger.
Another big baby tiger.
Playing with baby tigers.
Holding a young tiger.
Another one holding a young tiger.
Two snow leopard babies at the Nashville Zoo.
Boris at a photographic session at the Nashville Zoo.
Baby clouds.
Another baby cloud.
Feeding a baby leopard.

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A list of questions frequently asked Sara.

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