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A Brief History of Fire Arts

Arm Wrap With Poi

Welcome to Culture of Fire. I created this site for the final project of my senior year of high school: a presentation called the Capstone Wildcard. The Capstone itself is a large research paper written on a subject of the student's choosing. After completing said paper, the student is expected to share his or her findings with the greater community. To create the wonderful layout you see here, I enlisted the help of my friend and neighbor Bill Herreid of Toud Design. he did most of the hard coding, and layout of the page, while I worked on content and setup of domain, forum, e-mail, and hosting. I hope to continue to update and expand this site, so it can be a source of valuable information for years to come. This site was not created for profit; however, if you find the information useful, consider buying a product. The proceeds of such sales will go towards supporting the site. The information on this site is by no mean complete, and by no means covers all of the fire arts. In this respect, the future of this site is in your hands. If you have new information or corrections, or even suggestions, either post them in the forum, or contact me. I will be as accommodating as possible.

Greg Schoppe

As of July 31st we have recieved several hundred hits from around the world. I have posted the flags of visiting countries below and will continue to add to the list as we recieve more hits.

some of the images appearing on this site were utilized without the express consent of the owners. however, the owners have been credited in all cases. if you are the copyright holder for an image used on this site, and you wish to have it removed, or have the caption altered, contact us and we will straighten it out.

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