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Other Informational Sites

  • Home of Poi - A great source of fire toys, with an enormous forum
  • Spherculism - A great source of video tutorials with another comprehensive forum
  • Lighter Tricks - The comprehensive source for tutorials on zippo tricking
  • Firetoys.com - Another source of fire toys
  • Gooble Warming - Makers of fire toys and glow toys
  • House of Rave - Retailer of lights and rave toys, with a gallery that contains poi
  • Neon Husky - A great source of props, both fire and non
  • Photon Light - Home of the photon microlight
  • Burning Man - Home of the Burning Man Festival
  • Feral Technology - Producers of professional rechargeable glow staffs & glow poi
  • Luxotica - A troop based out of Vancouver who sell fire toys and offer their services for hire

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