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 Owner  Location

 Date of Manufacture Serial Number  Comments

 Randall Sandefer

 Palmdale, CA


I was on E bay and saw a FIREBALL for sale and since i've wanted one for 20years I was very interested but it was SOOO expensive so I checked out lots of pinballs and from what i read WCS94 looked very good(multiball,spinning thingie sorta like fireball,magna save, moveing goalie,lots of lights etc etc) and since I played soccer in high school+so did my 2 sons+now my 15 yr old daughter (freshman on varsity) and my wife was a goalie on a few womans+co ed teams WCS94 fits us to a T.

 Csákányos Szilárd

 Budapest, Hungary



 Coleman Chasteen

 North Richland Hills, TX


 Kids love this game!

 Claude Welschbillig



Very nice game and certainly one of my favourites!

 Jason Wittmer




 Young Stowe

 Charlotte, NC


Soccer player or not, everyone will love this great great game!

 Edwin Koevoets

 Ede, Gelderland The Netherlands


GOAAAAAAAAAAAAL ! back and better than ever

 Claude Welschbillig

 Oberkorn, Luxemburg



 Just got another WCS!

 Gary Flower

London, England


 My Second WCS.
 Tom Wells  Gambrills, MD  06/01/94  51031-103011 Beat to heck, BLOWN OUT, routed reimport with 90K plays on the meter. Do I care as long as the game plays? Heck, no! GOAAAAALLL!


 Waterford, MI


 Our first Pinball.

Peter Scheldt

Marburg, Germany


I’m looking for ramps and plastic parts! If anyone can help, please e-mail me!

Laurent Humpert

 Lyon, France


Great pinball!

Matt Fenn

Rochester, NY



Game is in very good shape. I Just bought a ton of new parts so it will get even better! I Love WCS94! - Great fun to play - GOAAALLLL!!!
 Brian Weissmann  Bolingbrook, IL  06/21/94  53331-105265 Bought this machine for my wife. I also have several other Popadiuk's pins: TOM, SWEP1 and a TOTAN (prototype). I'm still looking
for a CV.

 Alex Duin

 Sint Pancras Netherlands


Going to install a new ball and install a outhole protector.

 Marco Springmann

 Hardthausen, Germany


Great Game. Stands only 1 1/2 years in a Bar. Looks like New!!! Pic1 Pic2

 Andrea Caschili

 Sardinia Island, Cagliari, Italy


 Thanks of all. Salutes.


 Atlanta, GA


My first pinball machine, very addictive!
 Doug Mahar  Newburyport, MA  06/27/94  53331-106537 Popadiuk's best! This is my 4th WCS! Seller's regret every time. I found this near pristine example in the winter of 2004. It was on location for 6 months in 1994 and was bought by a private collector. It was in his collection since 1995! Very minimal scoop wear in front of the goal, no scoop wear on the free kick scoops. Came with all manuals, even has the unopened goody bag from Williams! Pics here.
 Mitch Wilson-Brown  Kansas City, KS  06/28/94  53331-106705 Others are Ritchie or Lawlor fans. Give me a Popadiuk anyday!
 Steve Schukei  Mason City, IA  06/29/94  53331-106668  Pics here

 Jeff Waldron

Osceola, IN



Powder coated legs and rails purple (
Added Cointaker Lit button kit (yellow)
Adding LED kit soon!

 Richard Giannini

 Hamilton, Ontario Canada


Great game. Didn't have to do any work on it (for a change).

 Jonathan Marvin

 Iowa Falls, IA



System is in playable condition and generally good cosmetic shape. New gold legs are a snazzy addition. Diode D7 is blown on the display board, so I'm waiting on that part to show up.

 Josh Kugler

 Buffalo Grove, IL



Larry Kagele

Seattle, WA


 My first and favorite machine.
 Jim Paquette  Londonderry, NH  06/30/94  53331-107622  My Gameroom

 Jon Vincent

 Billerica, MA


 My first pinball game. Pics here.

 Matt Lantz

 Chico, CA


Great pinball machine, good condition, one of my favorites.

 Paco Arjonilla

 Pozuelo (Madrid)


My first pinball game, I expected more game rules though as I come from the pro pinball simulators. Excellent otherwise.

 Bill Boswell

 Boynton Beach, FL



 Very fun game!

 Andrea Caschili

 Sardinia Island, Cagliari, Italy


 Thanks of all. Salutes.

 John Wart, Jr.

Columbus, IN


Have wanted a WCS for 5+ years – and now I have one! My only Popadiuk title (yet)

Matt Szabaga

Leesburg, VA


My first pin, very addicting with good staying power.

Dan Slimm

Omaha, Nebraska


Great shape. About to install a cleared playfield. Great game to play!

 Toney Priewe

 Madison, WI


Nice theme, good flowing pin like all of Popadiuks designs. This pin is in excellant condition and very fast!

 Michael Kent

Southampton, NJ


 My entire family loves this game! Definitely going to be in our collection for years to come! Always looking for parts for this one, feel free to email me with anything you may have available. Thanks!

 William S. Chui

 São Bernardo do Campo ,São Paulo Brazil



 My first pinball machine,It´s very funny to play.Animations,sounds and lights are awesome !!! Watch my youtube video here!

 Mark McIntyre

 Morgantown, WV


My game is in excellent condition, and very fast. For the money, WCS is one of the best around. When I got it, the upkicker was weak. The previous owner had replaced the broken plastic tip with wood! I still think it's funny how a player looking down over the right flipper gets a "better" view of the woman on the playfield. Kids just see the "G" rated version.

David Knapp

Arlington, TX


Fast fun game.Heart pounding at times.My game overall is in excellent condition with the exception of a few cracked upper ramps. One of 16 games I own and as good or better play-wise than ones costing twice as much.

Dana Leasman

 Mankato, MN


07/15/1994 (stamped on playfield)
Purchased from: Private party in Eagan, MN, who had it in his basement, on 11/09/2015
Comments: Fully restored, cleaned fixed all issues, LED conversion kit, new locks, new flippers, rubber soccer ball, and a few other parts.
 Mike Schudel  Kalamazoo, MI  08/10/94  53331-109235 Great pin with awesome animations and sounds! This game has all new plastics and it looks great! GOAAAAALL! Pictures of my WCS are here. My Gameroom Pics.

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