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#1 - This is the K&N filter I used in my 4106
the eliment measures 7 7/8" Dia. & 9 1/4" Long, part number A-1023. I bought these at the Bus Conversion Convention in Biloxi MS 1996. The vender was Allison Enterprises, Naples FL 800-851-5334 not sure if the phone number is still good. I also bought the filter gauge from him.


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Air filter conversion

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#2 - Here is a picture of where I tapped into the air intake housing on the back side for the filter gauge.


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#3 - This gauge is used to monitor your filters, as your filters get dirty the yellow disc moves up the scale letting you know it's time to clean your filters.

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#4 - I removed the entire air intake system on my 4106 (no pictures) this included the aluminum housing at the top. This needed cleaning badly, it was covered with years of oil and dirt. After cleaning this housing I drilled and tapped 4, 3/8" holes for the threaded rods. Keep your drill parallel to the opening as the housing curves some at the outer 2 holes. I also made 4 flanges out of ABS plastic for the filters to seal against (see Picture)


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#5 - This simply shows the filters in place, I still use the bottoms of the oil bath cans I just don't have them on for the pictures. If you don't want to go through all the work of taking the air system apart you can use some spacers and the bottom of the cans to hold up the filter, you will still need to modify the top for the filter to seal against.