Meticulous Care for Electro-pneumatic Pipe Organs

Regular Tuning & Maintenance:

Quarterly Tuning & Maintenance keeps your church’s pipe organ in its best possible voice through the calendar year.

The majority of our client base is in the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee and southern West Virginia we are proud to provide service to clients in Western Pennsylvania and Northeastern Ohio as well.

We offer regular tuning and maintenance work on a contractual basis which provides for two “through tunings” and two additional “touch-up tunings” per year. Through tunings are scheduled roughly six months apart— one in the fall when the heating season starts and another in the spring when the cooling season begins.

A “through tuning” includes
a thorough mechanical review of the instrument as well as a  complete tuning of your pipe organ. Depending on the overall size of the organ to be tuned, these through tunings may require an entire day to complete. At the completion of the work we routinely prepare a written report of the condition of the instrument and make the client aware of any serious mechanical problems that will require attention in the not-too-distant future.

Two additional tunings are scheduled close to the Christmas and Easter holidays and are, as the name implies— tunings to touch up any notes within a division that might have slipped out of tune or regulation since our previous visit. Touch-up tunings routinely include the complete tuning of all reed stops in the organ as well as careful study and correction of the tuning of the upperwork and requires less time to complete when compared to a through-tuning.

Our fee for this work is based on a uniform fee schedule and is billed in four equal installments, each due 30 days after our visit.