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Welcome to The Hunter Chronicles.

For most of her adult life, Hunter proved adept as enforcer, collector, problem-solver or disposal specialist as her boss, Anthony “Tony Chins” Chincheonelli required.

Slight, almond-shaped brown eyes framed by a thick mane of black hair that fell in tangled waves behind her back along with a toned athletic build and mixed-Asian heritage allowed free movement across various social lines that she encountered.

Until the fateful day when a warning turned fatal, Hunter fully expected to live the life of the city she enjoyed until she chose to leave it. Instead, the decision of others to make an example left her beaten and broken next to a dumpster where she was expected to bleed out and die.

Fortunately life had other plans when the vampire Valeria found her; an angel with golden eyes and long haloed blond hair.

Where noted, I've been fortunate to have had most, if not all of the following accepted for publication in the online magazine Bewildering Stories

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I hope you enjoy the following. If not, I won't be offended.
Please be patient with works in progress. Half the fun is the road traveled to get to the finish line.
I'm just an amateur and am learning as I write.

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Reader Warnings

  • The following works are intended for mature readers.
  • Please consider this a warning for strong language, possible sexual content,
       and violence that may be specific or implied.
  • The genre of horror I've attempted usually ranges in content from somewhat dark to very dark and will
       almost always manage to use your imagination against you.
  • Personally, I am a big fan of what Hitchcock did to his viewers and what Steven King did to his readers.

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