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How Legends Are Born

Part 9 of 9

A Compilation

Spring, 1875 / Outside Goblins Toe, Wyoming

Running-Deer reined her horse to a halt next to Poe. The freshly pinned sheriff rode tall in his saddle.

After much argument and discussion, it had taken the combined efforts of both Poe and Bracna to convince Running-Deer that acceptance into their new environment might go better if she were to take up wearing a loose white blouse and long brown skirt.

Pointing out the fact she would be Poe’s deputy had finally tipped the scales in their favor, although her favored spirit necklaces still hid beneath the white fabric and showed hints of color rather than bare skin to the casual observer.

The boots had taken a lot longer for her to agree to; although afterwards, in a surprising turn of events, she had selected the wide brimmed brown flop hat from the post store that she began to wear without any cajoling from either of the two men. Both had to admit that her resulting appearance would be nothing short of stunning to anyone who saw her.

With the sun just clearing the top of nearby hills, Poe and Running-Deer got a clearer picture of their new home now bathed in the light of a new day.

A large collection of weathered buildings, two water towers, stables, and the gaping mouth of the Donnetelli Scaggs mine looked back at them like the maw of a great beast hidden within the hillside.

The top of what was rumored to be a large mansion appeared through the trees of the hillside opposite the mine; Poe assumed the owners of Donnetelli Scaggs would live there to enjoy the view of their business interests and the activities of the town below.

Poe was finally comfortable with the brace on his left leg, but he wondered how it would affect his ability to keep law and order in the town, which had a history of loose understandings of not only what the law was or how to enforce it.

Poe looked at the city ahead and sighed. “I suppose we better get this over with.”

Turning in her saddle, Running-Deer raised a brow in surprise. “You do not look forward to being among your new people?”

The mixed French and Sioux languages she grew up with would help when they did not want those around them to know what was being said.

Although her grasp of the English language had improved markedly, both had become comfortable speaking in her language rather than his.

“There are going to be people happy to see us and those who will not care. There will also be some who will plan to bury us; or at least me, by sundown, if not sooner.”

Running-Deer nodded. “I suppose it will be as when I arrived in our village for the first time long ago and the healer Crazy-Bear took me in.”

Poe smiled wryly. “Something like that, only this time there might be guns and hot lead involved. There are too many stories of what folks think of the law and those who enforce it.”

Running-Deer returned the smile. “We also have stories like that, but we call them legends.”

Poe’s smile faded as he thought of what she had said. “Unfortunately, there are way too many legends buried well before their time.”

Running-Deer eased her horse back as she moved around Poe. “Perhaps the spirits have a different path for you to travel. I may one day tell the legend of Augustus Poe and the day he became sheriff of this town.”

Poe laughed as he urged his horse forward. “I will let you worry about the legend stuff. Right now we have today to think about.”

Running-Deer watched Poe ride ahead. She knew that the spirits had shown her this man so that she would learn from him, and he from her.

Urging her horse forward, she hoped the spirits would make his legend long and full of adventure. With her at his side, she would help protect him no matter what or who happened to cross their path.

Legends were like that.

* * *

~ The End ~

Copyright © 2011 by Robert L. Sellers Jr. All rights reserved.
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