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Always in a state of flux to avoid going stale... Check back for updates!

about Me

  • Happily married to Wendy
  • Two wonderful daughters: Allison and Taylor.
  • Resides in Kasson Minnesota
  • Works for Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN.
  • Born a Viking Fan

    favorite Quotes:

  • Bravery is the capacity to perform properly even when scared half to death.
    -- General Omar Bradley
  • Being a hero doesn't mean you succeed in saving the day. It just means you tried.
      -- James Marsters
  • a Trekie's Prayer:

    Oh Lord, grant me:
    • Wits of a Ferengi,
    • Logic of a Vulcan,
    • Honor of a Klingon,
    • Experience of Q,
    • Dedication of the Borg,
    • Strength of a Jem'Hadar,
    • And the human knack to know how to use them...
    Robert L. Sellers Jr, 1996

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