JESSE BARNES, b. ca 1770 in NC or SC., m. ca 1789, wife's name unknown. A Jesse Barnes paid taxes in  NC in 1796. Land grant dated 10 Apr 1827 was issued to Dennis BARNES (5th child), for property previously belonging to Jesse BARNES and George Washington SMITH (son-in-law). He died after 1830 in Franklin Co., TN. His father is thought to be Jacob BARNES. Jesse's grandparents thought to be John and Barbara BARNES of 96th District SC. His great-grandfather thought to be Charles BARNES of Mecklenburg Co., NC.


  1. Mary BARNES, b. ca. 1792, m.1st Jonas HILL in Overton Co., TN, Jun 1808. 2nd David CASTLEBERRY in Van Buren Co., AR, 7 Mar 1857.
  2. Hannah BARNES, m. George Washington SMITH (thought to be the daughter of Jesse Barnes)
  3. Boy BARNES
  4. Charles BARNES,
  5. Dennis BARNES, m. 1st Unknown GREER, 2nd Delia KING.
  6. Girl BARNES
  7. Girl BARNES
  8. Girl BARNES
  9. William BARNES, m. Sarah Unknown
  10. Girl BARNES

MARY BARNES HILL CASTLEBERRY (1st child of Jesse BARNES and unknown wife), b. ca. 1792 in NC or SC, m. 1st Jonas HILL in Jun 1808 in Overton Co., TN, 2nd David CASTLEBERRY on 7 Mar 1857 in Van Buren Co., AR. Between 1840 and 1850 Mary moved to AR. Many of the BARNES and HILL families moved to AR with Mary. Other family members were already living in AR at that time. She died 3 Aug 1861, in Van Buren Co., AR.


  1. Margaret "Peggy" Ann HILL, b. 31 May 1813, m. Thomas Jefferson WILLIAMS in 1832.
  2. Henry HILL, b. ca. 1818, m. Rebecca ? TOMISON (b. 1818 TN).
  3. Claburn HILL, b. ca. 1821, (living with his mother in Hartzogg TWP, Van Buren Co., AR.
  4. Scarlett "Anderson" HILL, b. ca. 1827, m. Minerva GUINN, 25 Mar 1841.
  5. Martha Ann HILL, b. ca. 1828, m. 1st Leroy P. WILLIAMS, 9 Mar 1843, Franklin Co., TN, 2nd Bumpass BRINKLEY.
  6. Sidney HILL (female), b. ca. 1829.
  7. Jesse "Calloway" HILL, b. ca. 1832, m. 1st Martha REED (b. 1822 GA), 2nd Mary Holmes
  8. Elizabeth HILL, b. ca. 1837, (living with her mother in Hartzogg TWP, Van Buren Co., AR in 1850. Married Richard D. SPENCE

HANNAH BARNES SMITH (2nd child of Jesse BARNES and unknown wife), b. ca. 1805, m. George Washington SMITH (b. 1804, TN).


  1. Benjamin Franklin SMITH, b. ca. 1830, m. Martha E. DARNABY
  2. William SMITH, b. ca. 1830, (went to Benton Co., TN by 1869)
  3. George Washington SMITH, b. ca. 1832, m. Melinda RANDLE, Marion Co., TN, 6 Mar 1860 at Tullahoma, TN.
  4. John SMITH, (went to Benton Co., TN by 1869)
  5. Unknown
  6. Josiah "Joseph" SMITH, b. ca. 1839, single.
  7. Mary Ann SMITH, b. ca. 1841, m. William PARTIN.
  8. Dennis SMITH, b. ca. 1842, m. ? Martha J. V. ELLIS.
  9. Caroline SMITH, b. ca. 1844, single.
  10. Susannah SMITH, b. ca. 1846, single
  11. Wallace SMITH, b. ca. 1848, m. Sarah A. BUTLER.
  12. Ruth SMITH, b. ca. 1851, m. Martin HOKE.

DENNIS BARNES (5th child of Jesse BARNES and unknown wife), b. ca. 1800 in NC or SC. He m. 1st unknown possibly GREER, 2nd Delia KING on 22 Dec 1842 in Franklin Co., TN.

Children of Dennis and 1st wife:

  1. Barney BARNES, b. ca. 1817, m. Matilda Unknown in 1814.
  2. Susan BARNES, b. ca. 1825, m. Robert  McBEE
  3. Andrew Jackson BARNES, b. ca. 1826, m. Martha Unknown. (Moved to Conway AR, in 1854).
  4. John R. BARNES, b. ca. 1827, m. Matilda Ann CRABTREE (maybe daughter of George CRABTREE). Moved to Smith Co., MS. He died ca. 1891.
  5. Peter BARNES, b. 19 Oct 1829, m. Mary Jane GARNER. He died 14 Oct 1882.
  6. Jane BARNES, b. ca. 1829, m. M.C. GREER, 31 Jan 1855.
  7. Patsy or Polly BARNES, b. ca. 1831, Franklin Co., TN.
  8. Mary Ann Barnes, b. 8 Sep 1833, m. Henry Griffin GARNER, 1 May 1852.
  9. Margaret BARNES, b. ca. 1835, Franklin Co., TN.
  10. Eliza Ann BARNES, b. ca. 1838, married Larkin SMITH, 5 Jul 1859.
  11. George BARNES, b. ca. 1840, may have married Margaret PELHAM, 23 May 1859.
  12. Elizabeth BARNES, b. ca. 1841, Franklin Co., TN.
  13. Tennessee "Texann" "Tennie" BARNES, b. ca. 1843, m. William PELHAM.
  14. Dennis BARNES Jr., b. May 1843, Franklin Co., TN. Married 1st Nancy PELHAM, 2nd Jane Kelly PACK. He died 1926 in Sherwood, TN.

WILLIAM BARNES (9th child of Jesse BARNES and unknown wife), b. ca. 1800 in NC or SC. He married Sarah surname unknown. He died Oct 1857, in Franklin Co., TN.


  1. Cyrus BARNES, b. ca. 1822, m. Piety SWANN (daughter of Edward SWANN Jr.) Children: Robert BARNES, James BARNES, A. E. BARNES, and John BARNES.
  2. Malissa "Mary" J. BARNES, b. ca. 1823, m. Edwin or Edmond H, MCDANIEL (b. 1815). Children: William C. MCDANIEL, b. 1839; Thomas MCDANIEL, b. 1840; John MCDANIEL, b. 1843; Robert MCDANIEL, b. 1847; Daniel MCDANIEL. B. Oct 1850. Mary died before 1858.
  3. Katherine Holder BARNES, b. 24 Mar 1825, m. John Austin SWANN, 12 ? Dec 1840 (thought to be son of Edward SWANN b. 1790 NC, d. ca. 1851 in Franklin Co., TN). She died in Gonzales Co., TX, 1900.
  4. Elizabeth H. BARNES, b. 25 Jan 1827, m. Newborn GUINN, 6 Apr 1842. Moved to Gonzales Co., TX. She died 26 Dec 1902 in Luling, TX
  5. Davis H. BARNES, b. ca. 1829, m. Margaret E. SARTAIN (b. 1833) on 26 Sep 1848. As a Captain in the Confederate Army, he was killed in Atlanta, GA during the civil in 1864. Children Adaline BARNES, b. 1848; George BARNES, b. 1851 in Franklin Co., TN.
  6. James H. BARNES, b. ca. 1830.
  7. John H. BARNES, b. ca. 1831, married with wife's name unknown. Thought to have moved to Texas prior his death before 1867. Children Velverda BARNES m. GARNER; Arista BARNES; guardian for A. S. MARKS.
  8. Lucy A. BARNES, b. ca. 1834, m. Phillip L. Roberts, 7 Sep 1848. Moved to Lincoln Co., TN. Children: Anne. ROBERTS b. 1851; Lucy A.T. ROBERTS, b. 1856; Isaac H. ROBERTS, b. 1858.
  9. William Carroll BARNES, b. 4 Jul 1835, m. 1st Jerusha BRIGGS, Jackson Co., AL. Moved to Gonzales Co., TX, 2nd Arie COVINGTON JOHNSON. William died 7 Jan 1916.
  10. Thomas J. Barnes, b. ca. 1838. Moved to Texas. Child was Thomas J. BARNES JR. Died in 1862 while in the confederacy.
  11. Martha Ellen BARNES, b. 1842, m. Daniel Price BRIGGS. Moved to Gonzales Co., TX.

JOHN BARNES, a younger brother to Jesse BARNES (b. 1770) and thought to be son of Jacob BARNES. He m. Mahala Unknown. He died between 1840 and 1850 in Franklin Co., TN.

Mahala Unknown (Wife), b. 1804 in NC, m. 1st John BARNES, 2nd Meredith CATCHINGS on 9 Dec 1853 in Franklin Co., TN. She died after 1860 in Franklin Co., TN and is buried in Sherwood, TN.


  1. William BARNES, b. ca. 1820.
  2. Girl BARNES
  3. Girl BARNES
  4. Girl BARNES
  5. Jonas BARNES, b. ca. 1830, m. Mary Unknown.
  6. Girl BARNES
  7. Girl BARNES
  8. Sarah BARNES, b. ca. 1832, In 1860, 27 years old and still living with mother.
  9. Boy BARNES (Maybe Joseph)
  10. Girl BARNES
  11. John BARNES, b. ca. 1835, m. Elizabeth CAPERTON and had 18 children, d. after 1880..
  12. George W. BARNES, b. 19 Oct 1836, m. 1st Kansadia LAWSON ca. 1859, 2nd Nancy MCKNIGHT HILL, 31 Aug 1885 in Franklin Co., TN.

GEORGE WASHINGTON BARNES (12th child of John BARNES and Mahala (?HILL) BARNES. He m. 1st in 1859 to Kasadia LAWSON (b. 7 Oct 1833 AL, d. 29 Jul 1885 Sherwood, TN. Her family lived in Jackson Co., AL and Marion Co., TN) and 2nd to Nancy MCKNIGHT HILL on 31 Aug 1885. He was a farmer that served in the Civil War. He died 22 Jun 1890 in Sherwood, Franklin Co., TN.

Children of George W. and Kansadia:

  1. Sara "Elizabeth" BARNES. b. 19 Nov 1860, m. Lewis PAYNE in 1883.
  2. Rehaba "Ree" Ellen BARNES, b. 3 Dec 1862, m. Claud Herbert BERESFORD on 31 Jan 1885.
  3. John D. "Long John" BARNES, b. 22 May 1864, m. Ebbie WILLARD or MILLARD.
  4. Polly Ann "Molly" BARNES, b. 4 Feb 1869, Sherwood, TN.
  5. Mahala BARNES, b. 7 Mar 1872. Never married, d. 14 Jul 1935 Franklin Co., TN.
  6. Kansadia "Kan" Mana Anne BARNES, b. 18 May 1874, m. David "Whit" KING in 1884.
  7. Barbara "Florence" BARNES, b. 13 Jun 1876, m. Willie Henry PAYNE 7 Sep 1904.

Children of George W. BARNES and Nancy MCKNIGHT:

  1. Litha Leitha BARNES, b. 23 Jun 1883, m. David W. SHORT on 19 Feb 1903.
  2. David BARNES, b. 19 Apr 1885, m. 1st Mattie Alma AYLOR in 1907, 2nd Delia GILLIAM, and 3rd Allie MEEKS PERRY.
  3. Sarah "Alice" BARNES, b. 14 Dec 1886, m. John Tom PERRY 14 Aug 1902.
  4. Margie Lee BARNES, b. 9 Nov 1889, never married, died 6 Nov 1962, Sewanee, TN.
  5. Julia Ann BARNES, died as infant.