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We started as a bookkeeping and mentoring service in 1997, and rapidly moved into tinkering with computers, primarily building and repairing. We were established as a small company in Waukegan, IL. Michael D. McBride, owner and co-founder has started with his dream in the garage of his home. Shay Casper Company has provided continuous personal customer service for over a decade and continues to grow. In 2000 we expanded from merely building and repairing PCs to web building and internet marketing. Relocated to Roanoke Rapids, NC in 2004 to expand our horizons and build the business on the East Coast, while co-founder and daughter Tawanda Thompson maintained our Midwestern client base until the end of 2011 when we moved all resources to North Carolina. In 2013 the lawncare services began, floor care added in 2014.

Dunn# 147368075

Owners Michael (CEO):

With backgrounds in Real Estate, Insurance, Business Develepment, Marketing, Taxes and Financial Services. Michael has spent more than 30 years in the business world. He has grown in a professional capacity that enables him to assist other businesses in their financial growth through analysis and action. Working with companies such as Allstate Financial, Washington Mutual/PNC Bank, and H&R Block as well as co founding Battered and Abused Women and Children Foundation. Michael diversified his talents to include administration, human resources, event planning, web building, tax preparation, communications, employee and management training.

Tawanda (Certified Tech):

Certified PC Technician since 2003, PC Support Specialist pending, and web building. Also specializing in troubleshooting, repairing and customizing Android phone and PSP game system, NES and SNES Roms.




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