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SORRY, This department has closed although special projects and services to current clients continues

Certified Internet Marketer

A great looking site with the best content and lowest prices is worthless if it can't be found by those who seek it.

The entry step for a company to the Internet world is creating a website that simply makes the information available. This allows a company to gain the benefit from a web presence and works best for businesses that are looking for a simple and inexpensive solution. With a basic website you can provide customers with your Internet address whenever they ask for product information instead of sending out a hard-copy catalog. A basic website also gets you in touch with prospective clients that you have never mailed before - now they are able to find you through the internet and email or call you using your contact information from the site. A basic website is the minimum of what a company should have. Most companies understand though that Internet has a lot more to offer them, so they upgrade. At Shay-Casper we build impressive websites for companies who want to try the web with the minimum budget. We also redesign unprofessional websites that damage company's image and do not provide any of the benefits of a successful Internet presence.

Adding animated graphics, feedback forums, hit counters, and online customer support allows that personal touch of interaction that maintains and builds clientele. And that is exactly what makes the Internet such an amazing media and a powerful tool for any company. You just need to know how to use this tool properly.

If you are selling your products to other companies, you can replace your current order processing system with an online b2b platform where your partners see different prices based on the volume of their orders, check availability of your products, and place online orders. If you run a magazine, you can offer online content based on the subscription status or send headlines to the subscribers' mobile phones. If you work in the education field, you can provide distance-learning solutions or move some courses to an e-learning platform. If you conduct global market operations, you can link your procedures, cut costs, and increase efficiency using the Internet. If you are not an established company yet, you still can build your own Internet business. In any case, our ebusiness consultants will use all their experience to find the best solution for you and help to avoid mistakes that cannot be prevented unless you live in the Internet business world every day. Whenever possible, we try to cover ebusiness needs of our new clients by customizing solutions that we have created earlier to save time and money. In those rare situations when customization is not possible, our team of professional web developers starting from scratch brings to the reality everything you have envisioned. No matter what site design you chose there remains to things that will make or break your business. Think of the best store in town that no one can find, and the store that can be found that are always closed. Traffic, Traffic, Traffic. Donít assume just build it and they will come. The internet has a vast millions of competitions in your field. Our quality internet marketers make you visible. And our quality hosting keeps you up and running. At Shay-Casper, we offer complete web solutions through our affiliates. Once you found us - there is no need to search anywhere else to cover your web needs:

Each business website needs quality web hosting. We offer fast, secure and reliable web hosting services at a reasonable price. With each web hosting account we also provide a complete administration panel that allows users to easily manage their hosting account features.



    • 1 Fully-Enabled eCommerce Website Platform
    • User-Friendly Point-and-Click Build/Design Environment
    • ECommerce Administration Ability
    • Fully Integrated Shopping Cart Technology
    • Site Navigation & Search Field
    • Product Management Tools
    • Order Management Tools
    • The Highest Security Encryption
    • High Security
    • Built-in Redundancy
    • Regular Backups
    • Facility Maintenance
    • Bandwidth and Network
    • Data Storage
    • Technical Support

SORRY, This department has closed although special projects and services to current clients continues

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