Summer Storm

Family of four: Kermit Blum, Lynn Anthony, Crystal Anthony , and Cat.

Who we are

We read:science fiction, general science, mysteries, whatever catches our fancy. We watch: movies - science fiction, martial arts, comedies, chick flicks. We listen to all genres of music. Mostly we work, garden, play on computers, and practice martial arts.

Current News

Crystal is a dual major in math and philosphy. She's taking a year off from the University to attend Dine College in Arizona for a year. She will take several Native Americn Studies classes and especially Navaho for her language requirement. She should graduate with a major in philosophy and minor in mathematics. Lynn works as a computer teacher for adult ed at a minimum security prison. Kermit maintains a small network of computers at a lumber mill near Yakima. Cat is now 14 and still going strong for an old lady.


Kermit - freehand*

Lynn - lealea2**

Crystal - crystaldawn***

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