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"Lefty's Deceiver" tied by Jack "The Ole Man" Edwards




Welcome to the NGTO Fly Swap Page. More than likely, you have accessed this page from North Georgia Trout Online. If not, please visit NGTO by clicking HERE.

The Players and Their Patterns

Click on the fly photo for a recipe and short story.

Participant Pattern Comments
1. HNeal Nymph.jpg (12141 bytes) Neal's Flashback                    Brown Nymph Well done Neal!
2. FlygURL Anytime1.jpg (19269 bytes) Anytime Anywhere Good job Beth!
3. The Drifter Yellow.jpg (14536 bytes)Steve's Yellow Jacket Your gonna like this one!
4. Steve Hudson Ant.jpg (11377 bytes) Bubba's Foam Ant This will be deadly during the Summer months!
5. Michael Lim Inchworm.jpg (47465 bytes) Charteuse Inchworm Good job Michael.
6. The Ole Man Hopper3sm1.jpg (19497 bytes) Madame X A great fly from a great guy!
7. MrT1 Wooly.jpg (15198 bytes) Yellow Wooly Worm The Rainbows always like Yellow!
8. Loren SoftHack2sm.jpg (16500 bytes) Soft Hackle I've never used a soft hackle but I will definitely use this one!
9. Whit Bullet2sm.jpg (10802 bytes)Bullet Headed Hopper Deadly fly when thrown close to the bank and "twitched"!
10. John Richardson EHC.jpg (14270 bytes) Elk Hair Caddis Great job J.R.!
11. David Edens Pic00005.jpg (11180 bytes) Scorpion Nymph I've never seen one of these, but it should do well during a Caddis hatch!
12. Superchub
Wooley1.jpg (31432 bytes)Beadhead Goldflash               Brown Killer Wooly Worm Superchub says this one works magic in muddy water!
13. Kerry "KB" Bridger Sedge.jpg (12284 bytes) The Mighty Sedge One of these will not be enough!
14. Budman  Nymph1.jpg (20940 bytes) Filoplume Mayfly I've never seen one of these before, but Budman ties a nice fly!
15. Edwin PH.jpg (13812 bytes) Beadhead Pheasant                    Tail Nymph Thanks Edwin! Beadheads work well around here.
16. Aaron Insult.jpg (13788 bytes) The Insult Nice job Aaron. This is your secret Nacoochee Bend fly no doubt!
17. Fishface Pic00010.jpg (11887 bytes) The Beadhead Prince                    Nymph I guarantee this one! Thanks Merritt.
18. Kent Edmonds Pic00003.jpg (22817 bytes) The Clouser Minnow I'll use this one in my favorite farm pond and in the Florida Keys!

The Rules of the Fly Swap:

1. Choose a person to run the swap...hereinafter known as The Swapmeister. Probably gonna be me (Drifter).

2.Begin a list of fly tiers who want to participate. An ideal number would be one or two dozen folks. Let's say 20 people sign up.

3. Establish a deadline to submit your flies to the Swapmeister. (01/31/99)

4. Choose a fly pattern to tie. Check the list so as not to duplicate a pattern someone else is tying. Tie 20 flies of the same pattern. Everyone will get one of your flies, including yourself. Preferably tie a pattern that works on local streams.

5. Tag all flies with: name, fly name, and email address. The tag can be a small piece of paper that you "impale" the hook point into.

6. Send in the fly recipe, detailed tying instructions and how/where to fish the fly or a short story to go along with the fly.

7. Place flies in a crush-proof container (like an altoids tin) and include a self addressed stamped envelop with your flies. The return postage should be the same as it costs to send them to the Swapmeister at:  Steve Keeble,  362 Keith Road,   Newnan, Georgia 30263.                                                                                                                                         You will get your flies back in the same container that you sent them in - Make sure it is crush-proof!

8. All participants should now have a nice collection of hand tied flies and recipes, which are effective in our region.

We could even vote on the most deadly fly, ugly fly, worthless fly, etc. Lets set January 31st, 1999 as a target date to have the flies completed and in the hands of the Swapmeister.

The Caddis Swap 1999 is now underway!           caddis.jpg (14080 bytes)

Don't forget to visit THE VIRTUAL FISH CAMP™ drifter.jpg (73751 bytes)

This page has been created and maintained by The Drifter. PETA folks relax! No animals were harmed in the creation of this web page. All rights reserved, usual disclaimers apply, copyright 1998, your mileage may vary, yadda, yadda.

This page was last updated on 03/16/99 11:14 PM

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