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Welcome to the 1999 NGTO Caddis Swap Web Page. The Drifter wants to extend a special thanks to those of you that participated in our 1st Annual NGTO Fly Swap. It was an overwhelming success! So, by popular demand, I present to you: The 1999 NGTO Caddis Swap.

Rules and Regs

1.    This Swap will have the always productive Caddis Fly as it's theme. All participants are asked to tie a pattern which represents a particular stage in the life of a Caddis fly, ie pupae, nymph, emerger, adult.

2.    The Caddis Swap will be limited to 18 participants. Once the Swap has reached capacity, I will keep a list of "alternates" to replace anyone who should drop out. If you feel you can not make the deadline, please let The Drifter know so an alternate can take your place.

3.    The remaining rules are pretty much the same as the 1st Annual NGTO Fly Swap rules with the following exceptions:

             - Do not send in the recipe and short story until asked to do so by The Drifter. By e-mailing it later, I can "copy" and "paste" your ramblings onto the Swap Page as opposed to my "one-finger" typing.

             - Please send a photo of yourself with your flies. I can then scan and post it with your fly photo so folks can put a name with a face. You could also email a "jpeg" or "gif" file of yourself with the recipe if you would prefer. Preferably a photo of yourself striking a fishing pose in a stream, or holding some trophy trout you claim to have caught. With Aaron's permission, I can copy your photo if it's been posted on NGTO.

4.    The Drifter must receive all entries by March 31, 1999. Everyone should then have an ample supply of Caddis Flies for the upcoming Spring fishing season.

The Players and Their Patterns


Name of Pattern Comments
1. The Drifter X-Caddis This one was made famous by Craig Matthews of Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone MT.
2 Steve Hudson Rick's Special Cased Caddis This is a locally invented caddis larva pattern by Rick Pettepher.
3. KB CDC Wing Caddis  
4. BT Peeking Caddis If its half as nice as his Filoplume mayfly, it'll be great!
5. The Ole Man Coastal Caddis This is an "Ole Man" creation! You won't find it in any catalog.
6. Loren Goddard Caddis  
7. MrT   What will he tie?
8. Michael Lim Killer Caddis  
9. Fishface   Merritt's having trouble deciding what to tie. I told him it just needs to catch fish!
10. Whit Little River Caddis A locally crafted creation!
11. FlygURL Pete's Pheasant Caddis  
12. Jonathan Peacock Caddis  
13. Cocoon Hooch Caddis  
14. HNeal CDC Elk Hair Caddis  
15. JR Afternoon Delight  
16. Greg Bucktail Caddis Great job Greg!
17. Superchub Rainbow Prince Nymph  
18. David Edens "Niblet" Caddis Larvae This thing looks great.

Remember......the deadline for the Caddis Swap 1999 is March 31, 1999.

Take a look at the 1st Annual NGTO Fly Swap Page !

Make sure you visit North Georgia Trout Online.

And don't forget to drop by Drifter's Virtual Fish Camp !

This site is maintained by, with the cooperation and support of Aaron Sago and North Georgia Trout Online. No animals were harmed in the creation of this web page. All rights reserved, copyright 1999, usual disclaimers apply, your mileage may vary, yadda, yadda.
This page was last updated on 01/23/99.

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