1944 BT-13B For Sale
BT-13 N

  1944 BT-13B For Sale - Consolidated Vultee Valiant


A BT-13 is a WWII two place tandem basic trainer the same size as and easily confused with a SNJ or AT-6. The principle differences are the BT-13 has fixed versus retractable gear and a little smaller engine R985 / Wasp Jr.(450Hp) versus a R1340 (600HP) .

This plane was flown regularly until it was taken down for an annual in 2003.  Various parts were overhauled but the mechanic owner had other projects going on at the time and the annual was never completed.  Subsequently health issues came along and his medical was lost.  The plane has always been hangared.  It looks great but needs some work and a good home.  Asking $50,000.  Email if interested.

Additional Information

1944 BT-13B N60794 (24Volt electrical), metal wings, constant speed prop, Complete but needs some reassembly before flyable. ~ 1770hrs TTAF, ~860hrs SMOH (Pickett 1977) on R985-14B. ~200 hrs since 2D30 propeller overhaul (1997).  

Tailwheel shimmy should be non existent as all spline parts replaced with serviceable ones.

Principal Needs:
 Install overhauled mechanical fuel pump and make fuel line connections,
 Install overhauled  airspeed indicators.
 Leaks in pitot line suspected. Check and fix as necessary.
Primer functions poorly. Repair as necessary and complete primer line assembly.
Wobble pump link may have a bend that needs to be straightened.
 Have new shock mounts to replace existing for front and rear instrument panels.
Have felt and fabric but need leather to replace one of three major cowl pads.
Fix minor cowl pads (front saddles and center).
 Fix left navigation light installation.
 Get two G-35 12V batteries and install. Put together battery sump jar system.
 Check brakes.(Rt DOT4, Left MIL-H-5606)
Sparkplug lead shields should be replaced. 

Plane comes with a small John Deere hydrostatic transmission tractor and tow bars as well as a tail wheel pull system, a P&W engine toolset , also maintenance and parts manuals for airframe ,engine and propeller. Various other supplies (eg. dzus fasteners), parts (eg. a second tail strut) and tools (eg. an engine crankshaft lift lug) .