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Welcome to Kit Collector Illustrated. The purpose of this page is to present you with pictures and price ranging for collectable, out of production Kits. You will also find old Cox Control Line planes and maybe a few surprises. This is meant only as a guide. You may want to use it if you are buying, selling or trading items. Remember, these are auction prices and I usually consider them as the higher end of the price spectrum. However, as I have been checking other sites, I have found that, in part, the auction prices are equal to, or less than the asking price on non-auction sites.
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Remember - this is only a guide.

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Cox Control Line airplanes are very collectable. The P-40, P-51 and Stuka prices for very good to mint examples range in the $175 to $250 price range. There are exceptions. For example, I bought a good condition Stuka for $68 while a excellent one sold on Ebay for $237 on 10/7/99. Then there is the other side. A Cox P-40, the one pictured below, sold on the same day for a whopping $594. I have never seen one sell this high before.

Cox P-40 Warhawk
$90.00 - $200.00

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