Cox and Other Control Line Planes

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Wen Mac



Comet P-40 Warhawk 


                                   Comet Starfighter..                                                                                            


                                               Comet TriPacer..


As the name says .. Comet Sabre 44  Came as a taildragger too!         Comet Snark .. I like it!


                                    Comet F-51 Mustang.. why did they call it a F and not a P-51?

P-51 vs F-51. When the U S Air Force was establish from the Army Air Corps in 1947 the new organization re-designated the P-for pusuit to F- for fighter along with others.


                             Comet Regulas                                                Comet T-38.. Cox Motor?

The Planes you see with the wood floor background are from the collection of Tim Moses..

Tim has an extensive collection of all types of ARF Control Line planes.. Thanks Tim for your contribution to the hobby and these pages..

Odds -n- Ends


 A rare K&B P-47...$124.00 (if you check out the pic of the Aurora P-47 below they look almost identicle..were they really made by the same company, Aurora?  Does that mean that the K&B P-47 that I now own is worth alot more?) Aurora bought K&B in 1960!


                                         Aurora  Bonzo ..                                              Aurora L-19 Bird Dog..


                         Aurora P-47 Thunderbolt ..                                         Aurora Lil Toni  

Tims Aurora B-25 ... Man, what plane.  Josh said someone bought a New In Box B-25 and paid something like $1700.00 for it.  Just to give you and idea of its` worth.

Another B-25


                Fokker D-VII                                                  




                                                     Gilbert SkyFlash ...


How about some Testors???





                           Skyraider                                                                        Spitfire


Some more contributions from Shawn Magrini..


                          Denight Specials..                                        Pogo by Athern                                         



KeilKraft Hurricane Hurricane Hawker                                            Sterling P-51 RTF ......

 Miniature Models F82


Miniature Models F-86 .. all aluminum !  

Miniature Models P-51 Mustang .... Got $1600.00 for one ????





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