See, I really can fly!  (Note: safety fence can be dangerous.  Moments after this shot my frequency numbers got snagged on the fence.  I had to land and un tangle it.  If it`s not one thing it`s another...LOL.)

The Goldberg 1/2a Skylane

Hi, I`m Bill Kelsey and I live in Portage, Michigan

     I started flying RC in 1974. I have built kits and scratch built also. The picture you see above is a "built from plans" Skylane 42. I drew some crude plans from the original and scratched the plane. I made some changes to make the plane easier to build and lighter. This one weighed 27 ounces ready for fuel. Power was a TD .09. Way too much power at that weight. But at this size and weight an excellent prospect for electrics.  My second favorite kit is the PICA Waco, 60 size. They don`t build very easy but the thing is a GREAT flier. My first one mid-aired but I built a second one because of the way it flies.

     I fly RC airplanes with the Kalamazoo Thunderbirds R/C Club. We are an AMA charter club, Charter #352. As a AMA Leader Club, (5-Year Leader Award), we offer FREE instruction.  The Thunderbirds new flying site is located at the Gilmore Auto Museum .  The Museum is located just north of Gull Lake and the flying site is in the southeast corner of the property.             ----- >>>>  Map to Gilmore Museum

     Our other site is located at River Oaks County Park in Galesburg, Michigan.  http://www.kalcounty.com/parks/riveroaks/


     Check it out and bookmark it ... Thunderbirds RC Club

Since I have a few different pages.. here is a link index so you can get to them without clicking through one page to get to another.

Since there are so many pictures, and it may take awhile to load the pages, especially for those who have a dial-up, I have included a link to my FTP where you can click and view pics one by one.  Just scroll down and view as you please.

Kit Collector Price Information  Listing of Prices paid for OOP R/C Kits.
Kit Collector Illustrated A Page for Kit Collectors and remembering when..
Cox, Comet,Aurora ARF Cl Planes Control Line version of Kit Collector
FTP  for the Control Line stuff
Note: If the pics do not load -> right click and click on show picture!  

If you come to Kalamazoo be sure to allow enough time to visit the Kalamazoo Air Zoo.

The "Zoo" is a great place to spend the afternoon.. features SR-71 Blackbird, Tomcat, Bearcat, Tigercat and tons more..

This is what welcomes you to the museum entrance.. I happen to think this is one of the most beautiful warbirds I have seen.  Hours are 10AM - 5PM during the winter.  Located off I-94 at the Kalamazoo Airport Exit.  

Click here to learn more...

The Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum

Battle Creek Balsa Bee`s RC Club

The BALSA BEES flying site is located SOUTH OF I-94 EXIT 100 (Beadle Lake Road) approx. 5 1/2 miles to D Drive South, then WEST approx. 3/4 mile. Follow Beadle Lake Road past Beadle Lake, Harper Creek High School, Binder Park Zoo.

For more on the Balsa Bees and  their indoor electric flys see...Balsa Bee`s Homepage



And one of Stuarts` most interesting sites on how electric motors operate  ->  Beakman’s Electric Motor.

RC Groups

RC Universe

Grand Rapids, Kent Area Radio Modelers RC Club

Kalamazoo Thunderbirds RC Club

My latest project.  Old Hyperion Sukoi.  Powered by a  HIMax HC3510-1000 and Mulitplex 54BL esc.  Weighs about 43 oz. and  the motor puts out around 60oz of thrust.  

    Kyosho P-40 ARF.. the covering material is a sticky back like self paper and I expect it to not last long.  Plane will be powered with a ThunderTiger Pro .46.  I didn`t use the wing aileron servos as indicated in the kit.  I choose to use a standard single servo and bellcrank setup.  I had to install the components prior to joining the wing..  I also stripped the bottom covering off the horizontal stab and sheeted the bottom with 1/16 balsa.  I have read that the H-Stab is on the weak side.  I did this before mounting to the plane and had to shave alittle off the fuse to fit the extra width.

 Meanwhile the P-40 is getting beat up abit so I needed a new plane to finish the year with.  Here it is, the Tower Hobbies Kaos 40 ARF.  The plane went together pretty well.  I have a ST .51 in it for now.  I highly recommend this plane for a sport aerobatic flyer.  Just a excellent flying plane.  

Here is my latest venture... I have begun basic electrics.  I have this ParkZone T-28 ARF all foam plane.  Really a nice flying airpalane.  8 -10 mph winds are about the max for this airplane.  Continous flight time with the stock !800 lipo is about 12 minutes, maybe a little more.  Now all I need to do is figure out how all the componets go togethere and what works with what and I can build something.

I have a new toy.. House of Balsa 25 size PT-19

My scond try at EDFs  Exceed FA-18.  70 mm electric ducted fan .. 4S Lipo.  I have not flown the plane yet but hope to soon.  I have been working a ton this year so time has been limited for flying.  Besides, I want to make sure I don`t hurry the flight and really do some dumb stuff and loose the plane on the first try.

First flight went good.  Had some trouble getting the plane back on the ground.  I still need to figure out how to land this thing.  On the second flight I got into a ground loop situation and broke the right vertical stab.  She ain`t pretty no more.  Repairs have been made so I will give it another try.  From the first flight, the F18 will fly nice and slow at half throttle.  Loops are nice and rolls are quick with fast recovery.  The landing, I came in under a small amount of power and at about 10 feet cut the throttle.  I was thinking .. just glide it in.  However, once it reaches a low speed there is little air moving over the controls and then it does a strange thing.  It lifts the nose.  I think this is because of the hooded inlets, they capture the air and push the nose up.  I think I need to keep the power up some and land alittle fast.  We`ll see.

My electric conversion on the OOP MidWest Foam Cessna Cardinal.  2200 3S lipo and a 1230 kv brushless outrunner.  Using a 8 x  6 prop.

My 6 year old PICA Waco out of the closet after 3 years of rest.

Well, I have sold this Waco and Replaced it with the Dynam Electric Waco ARF.  I am hearing nothing but good news on the foam plane.

Well, I went back in time and came back with one of my all time favorites.  I just completed this Goldberg 1/2a Skylane.  Built from a lazer cut kit from Lazer Works.
Electric conversion with a 1450 Kv/160 watt Brushless with a 30 amp ESC.  I have some 3C 1250 Lipos I am going to try first.

Here is a pic of my RTF CL collection

I have just gotten into electric boats .. I have 3 boats.  A old Candy boat by Playtron from I think 1980s, a Kyosho Stream Liner from 90s (?0) and a newer ProBoat Stilleto Tunnel Hull.

Here is my new small pond tunnel hull ... Mad Shark F1.  What a great little boat.  It has a self-righting feature that really works.

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