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Painting Flowerpots*: Each child receives a clay pot and saucer to paint and receives a pack of seeds and a watering can to take home.

Sponge Paint T-Shirts*: Each child receives a T-shirt to decorate with assorted shaped sponges and paints.

Canvas Painting, Wooden Birdhouses, and more are available!

Included: All craft parties include balloons, and poster for autographs.

*Requires 10 Child Minimum.

Princess Party
Pirate Party
Dress-Up Party
Superhero Party
Cowboy Party
Painting Crafts
Stuff-n-Fluff Party
Noahsaurs Dinosaur Party
Animal Purse Party
50's Theme Party
Model Cars
Banana Split or Sundae Party
Bella Bee Glamour Workshop
and More!

Rent our facilities and create your own unique party idea!

Personal, Affordable Parties are just a phone call away!


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"Children are a gift from God" Psalm 127:3
130 South Maryland Street, Montgomery, AL 36107