Acquisition Story

I had a 1965 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia in high school.

8x6Aq65KG0001 (59K)

Mostly Bondo. Many headaches. Eventually had to make do without having a starter. Good thing New England is hilly. No heat, no defrost, wipers could only annoy the drops on the windshield at best. Six volt electrics made for headlights that barely whispered. But there were many fond memories as well.

So, fast forward 24 years. My very supportive wife Sue and I looked for a convertible Karmann Ghia for over a year, but the project cars we found in our area were pretty rusted out. Then in the summer of 2001 I saw a Triumph Spitfire at a car show. Nothing special, but it opened my eyes to the idea of a British car. My criteria had been small and interesting.

Well, duh.

So looking at Hemmings on-line we found a 1971 MG Midget that was actually in Massachusetts, albeit in the hinterlands of the northern Berkshires.
Exchanged emails with the owner, and it turned out the car had already been sold to a buyer in Mexico, but he'd keep my email in case that deal fell through. And sure enough, a bit later we heard back that the Mexican buyer was shocked by the freight cost, and the car was again available.

8x6MG6 (57K)

I remember that the 9/11 attacks on New York were a factor in the sale. The Owner was a professional musician, and felt there wouldn't be lots of work in the aftermath, and was motivated to move the car. We agreed on a price, I drove up with my Isuzu Trooper to tow the Midget back to Brimfield, and about 15 yards out of the Previous Owner's driveway promptly crashed the poor thing into the rear bumper of the Trooper when the tow bar spontaneously disconnected, probably due to the dramatic height difference between the tall Trooper and the ground-hugging Midget.

After the stunned "what have I done" feeling passed, we assessed the damage, and realized that most of the damage was in a place that was already pretty crinkled. So the next day I made arrangements with a local towing guy to have the Midget brought home. It was $275, but allowed me to avoid what would have surely been a white-knuckle, avoid the cops, keep one eye out the back like a water skiing experience type of drive home.

I was so happy just having the car in the garage I about wore an 88' long trench between the house and the garage, just ambling out there to look at it every chance I could.

Here's a couple more pictures taken by the Previous Owner:

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