Book List

If I could only have one book it would be the Haynes repair manual. If I could have only one book to help with the parts of the restoration that made me shudder, it would be the Tyler book. I also bought an original owner's manual, in fact it was my first purchase on eBay, but the Bentley manual contains a complete reprint.

The Horler book is great reading and has awesome pictures, but unless you're going for a show car it probably isn't necessary. I used a Clymer book when I did an engine swap on a '72 Mercedes 250 and thought it was great, but found this one wasn't as useful. Good to have, though, because there are a few good, clear pictures that filled in some gaps in the Haynes manual.

Not as essential as the Moss and VB catalogs is the Motorhead Sprite & Midget catalog, but it has diagnostic advice and opinions that are priceless. For example, from p.50 of the 2002 catalog in the Opinion section: "Usually, rebuilding a master cylinder is wasted effort and we understand that you may have to prove this to yourself." It's like they were hanging out in my garage.

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