CoffeeCup HTML Editor

When I first made this site, I had a free version of CoffeeCup HTML Editor. At some point I had to reload Windows XP in my computer, and when I went back to reload the free editor, it was no longer free. It's a great product - had some troubles here and there getting pictures to appear - but it was real easy to use. The cost is now $40, and if I weren't between jobs I would have paid them. From The Fifth Year on I've been using HTML-Kit from Chami. At first I was completely lost, but I find I'm getting used to it. And the price was right (free as of 5/06).

This is the link to CoffeeCup.

I'm guessing if you clicked to get to this page it's likely you're considering making your own site. It's an excellent experience, and not too hard. Very quick learning curve. Frustrating at first as you try to extract the information to do what you want, but for simple text and pictures it's pretty easy to get to a comfortable point. Very rewarding, I highly recommend it. It takes a fair amount of time to put a page together, but the reward is instantaneous.

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