Yeoman's Brimfield Midget

An Odyssey

This is an attempt at sharing my obsession with restoring a 1971 MG Midget, acquired in September of 2001. There are a few pictures, but the pictures don't capture the many phases of this most fulfilling hobby. I think I'm like most Midget owner/restorers in that if I'm not working on the car and producing changes that would show up in a photograph, I'm searching eBay for parts, reading BBS's for technical advice, or reading one of the several great books on the subject.

I like all the aspects of the restoration process. When I've been driving the car all summer and fall I can't wait to get it into the garage and start taking it apart. And by the time spring rolls around I can't wait to get it back together and start buzzing around the backroads again.

Acquisition Story

The First Year

The Second Year

More Second Year

The Third Year

The Fourth Year

More Fourth Year, Prep and Painting

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The Fifth Year: More Paint, Less Smoke

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