The Next Project:
1981 Honda Express SR NX50M

In April of 2006 we were out for one of our walks and found a discarded and partially stripped Honda scooter under a refrigerator in a scrap pile. It looked like it would be interesting to see if the engine could be made to run, so we dragged it out and brought it home.

My son was, of course, delighted.

h1IMG0003 (120K)

So we cleaned it up a bit. It has both kick start and electric start, but no battery. Also no oil tank, fuel tank, seat, rear lights, headlight, ignition key, and most of the body parts.

But it did have something important: spark!

h1IMG0002 (122K)

So with a few hours of tinkering, a few hours on the internet learning what I could (it's a 2-stroke engine), and a little bit of luck finding some of the essential parts on eBay, we got it to the point that it will run around the backyard. Doesn't run well yet, but then I wouldn't have something to do.

h1IMG0004 (119K)

And judging by the smile on my son's face, it's already doing exactly what it's meant to do.

h1IMG0005 (87K)

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