Spring 2006, Engine compartment prime and paint

Although I've had a lot of time on my hands, I just couldn't motivate myself to make the underlying surfaces of the engine compartment smooth and pretty. Ended up sanding and cleaning, but just felt it would be too much work and too little reward to do the extra sanding and puttying. I don't think many people will end up seeing under the hood, and there's so much going on under there with the mounted parts and fasteners that it makes it difficult to do the sanding without bumping into something. (Actually, I've acquired a new project that I can't wait to get started on. It's a 1981 Honda Express SR NX50M motor scooter rescued from a junk pile that I hope to get running. It would be perfect for my boy.)

So I finally convinced myself that I'd done enough prep work and sprayed the epoxy primer on 4/3/06.

And then sprayed the paint on 4/6/06. Looks good from 6 feet away.

I hope I don't regret cutting corners on the prep work, but I think by the time the engine, steering, suspension, charcoal canister, heater, etc. are all in there, not an awful lot of green will be showing. And even what shows should pretty quickly be covered with a preservative layer of oil and dirt grunge.

Now some parts are going back on. Next step is springs.

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