The Game 2006 (2)

We had the best tickets yet. Right on the 40 yard line, three rows up. Thank you, Mr. Gordon. Big time.

G6IMG0011 (259K)

We could actually see the cheerleaders...

G6IMG0009 (193K)

...and we were right next to the band.

G6IMG0010 (169K)

The Allens were with the Gordons.

G6IMG0014 (171K)

Soon joined by the Lyons.

G6IMG0013 (166K)

All this with the action right in front of us and in the sunshine.

G6IMG0012 (238K)

Okay, The Game was dismal, but we have won the last five in a row. No pictures of the scoreboard will be found here. It was the par-tay that we came for anyway.

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