The Third Year

Accomplishments in the Second Year

Took the car off the road for the winter on December 6, 2003. Pulled the engine and gearbox and started some serious panel replacement on the left side.

This is the area under the left front fender.

Removed the front footwell panel by drilling out the spotwelds, braced the dash to try to keep things where they belong.

This is looking at the same area from inside the engine compartment. Wanted to show it because I spent so much time hammering out that triangular gusset patch.

Back to the wheel side of the fender well, first few patches welded in.

Removed the inner fender.

Bottom of A-post replaced, footwell side panel installed, inner and outer sill removed.

New inner and outer sills installed.

New inner fender installed. Starting to look like it might get back together.

Had to cut away the outer side of the floor, as well as all of the footwell floor... I made a new pan for the footwell that would add about an inch to the depth. I'm 6'4", so every little bit helps. Made a big difference.

Custom pan and side patch are installed in the footwell.

When it was too cold to work out in the garage I worked in my cellar at turning my wire wheels from this... this. Lot of work, but they came out pretty good. Rustoleum Hard Hat primer and paint. Had to cannibalize one worn out wheel for spokes.

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