Interesting articles I've collected from the Internet.-

"Look Who's Talking", an article from Wired about how the Amish integrate technology.
A good article on the Amish religion.Find out about the Swiss Brethren.

"Copy Catfight - How intellectual property laws stifle popular culture" By Jesse Walker of Reason mag. Malcolm Gladwell's "Clicks and Mortar" article from the New Yorker. Zen in the Art of Sherlock Holmes By Stephen Kendrick.

Three articles about StarWars :
(1) " 'Star Wars' Despots vs. 'Star Trek' Populists" by David Brin,
(2) "What's wrong (and right) with 'The Phantom Menace' " by David Brin,
(3) "Jar Jar, Hidden Jedi?" by Chris Aylott.

An article on the book "Arabin Nights".
Herbert Kornfield is my favorite character from The Onion.

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