Here are some magazine articles that I have collected. I love to read magazines when in doctor's offices, waiting for my car to get worked on, doing laundry, etc. The odd assortment of magazines in offices and waiting rooms, to me, is very interesting. Sometimes I'll pick one up when I am there just for a particular article. I also love to go to the local library to read books and magazines there. And then I have a subscription to a few favorite magazines. A few of these are from online sources as well.


James Burke's Connections series (from Scientific America).

Look Who's Talking (Jan.99 Wired 7.01) [Article on the use of technology, especially cell phones, among the Amish.]

Dreaming the Sky (Sep.97 Sky & Telescope) [The Aborigine's view of the cosmos is based on their concept of the Dreaming- a distant past when Spirit Ancestors created the world.]

Time Travel : Review of Crichton's 'Timeline' and the science of time-travel. From MSNBC.

Search Engines - How commercialization is killing the science of finding stuff on the Web. From the Utne Reader.

Sherlock Lamma - The zen of Sherlock Holmes detective work. From the Utne Reader.


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