Notes from Huxley's "Doors of Perception."
"If the Doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite." --William Blake
Peyote : Anhalonium Lewinni : An alkaloid drug, C11H17NO3, obtained from mescal buttons, which produces hallucinations.
Havelock Ellis
Weir Mitchell

Von Frisch - naturalist? study of color vision w/ bees? p72
Professor J.S. Slotkin - One of the few whites to have participated
                         in Peyotist rites. footnote p66.
Philoppe de Felice - Poisons Sacre's, Ivresses Divines
Gestalt Psychologists - Samuel Renshaw

ipsissima verba - stupendous index to all indexes. 
                         Alexandrian project. Swedish drill.

Philosophy & Religion
Meister Eckhart - Istigkeit "Is-ness"
Platonic philosophy
Sat Chit Ananda - Beautific Vision
Sharma - Buddha - Zen & Taoists = outward divinty p47
Dr D. C. Broad - Cambridge Philosopher p62
Pascal - p43 - "The sum of evil would be deminished if men could 
                       only learn to sit quietly in their rooms. "
pg 43- "half at least of all evil... " - Lord's Prayer - "...he ought not do."
Incarnation of Christ 
  "We should feel wonder at nothing at all in Nature except 
   only the Incarnation of Christ." - Lallemant - 17th c.
Traherne p43
Marxian Philosophy
Freudian- Physcalist philosophy
Divine Order of Things
Aquinas (Angelic Doctor) -- Infused Contemplation p78
  "Artistotle - The Sentences - The Questions, the 
   propositions, the majestic Summas. . ."
Evan-Wentz's trans of "Tibetan Book of the Dead"
Hynagogic   Visions
Lucifernian defiance
Nirvana - Bodhisattva
"the Hungry sheep look up and are not fed" uncited p69
"a gratious grace" - Catholic term p73
St John of the Cross
Haiku     Hui-neng
William law - Boehme
Madonna & Apostle
Counter-reformation - Gesualdo & Shoenburg
Mysterium Tremendum p55
unregenerate souls
the New Jerusalem
"...the Celtic god of beer was a loud and disorderly affair." p28


Blake p77 (& Constable p48)
   Descriptive Catalogue p45
Sir John Falstaff
Homer ('s ghosts)
Wordsworthian contemplation
Wordsworth's daffodils (also p41)
Webster Melodrama
Shiki's haiku:
 |             Roses:
 | the flowers are easy to paint
 |      the leaves difficult.
"Eden alternated w/ Dodonna. Yggdrasil w/ the mystic rose." p60
H.G. Well's phrase - "Doors in the wall."
Dante - Inferno
G.K. Chsterton
Goethe's phrase - "the word is essentially fruitful." p73
   "What we perceive by the eye is foriegn to us as such and 
    need not impress us deeply" - Goethe?
  Contradiction in mid-life:
  "we talk far too much. We should talk less and draw more . . ."

Johann Sebastian Bach
Mozart's C-minor Piano Concerto
madrigals by Gesualdo
Alban Berg & the Lyric Suite
Musical Bank of Butler's Everwhon

Braque                   Juan Gris               
Cubist                   Le Nain brothers
Vermeer                  Guardi
Williard - quote p40? - Larent Tailhade
Constable & Turner vs Rembrandt
Sisley, Seurat, & Cezanne
Cezanne vs Vermeer - still lifes p38
Seurat - mystical landscape paintings - 
   China:1000 yrs, Japan:600 yrs, & West:300 yrs ago p47
Pointilliste - Seurat
Blake & Constable pg 48
VanGogh: portait of a Ding an Sich
   |Botticelli - "Birth of Venus" 
   |      "Mars & Venus" - renounced by Ruskin
   |      "Calumny of Appeles", "Judith"
   | Piero - Casimo Tupa
   | Bernini - El Greco - Watteau - Cythera
Ingres - Mme Moitessier

Uncited passages & misc.
p69    p72     p77
Marx Brothers
Arnold Bennet in the Dolomites
gentian                saturnalia
pergola                agape
gimcrack               abaft
fete galante
Lungarao - place?
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