From "Some of the Dharma"
by Jack Karouac

Four Noble Truths:
1. All life is sorrowful
2. The cause of sufforing is ignorant craving.
3. The suppression of suffering can be achieved.
4. The way is the Noble Eightfold Path:
Eight Fold Path:
1. Right Views- Ideas Buddhistic.
2. Right Aspirations - Resolution to follow.
3. Right Speech - Gentle speech.
4. Right Conduct - Kind circumspect behavior.
5. Right Means of Livlihood - Harmless food gathering.
6. Right Endeavor - Perserverance in supernatural states.
7. Right Mindfulness - Realization of supernatural states.
8. Right contemplation - Holy ecstasy in supernatural states.

The Four Precepts:
1. No lust and avarice UNCHASITY (Adultry without consent)(rapacity)
2. No cruelty and egoism KILLING (Brutalizing)
3. No insincerity and proud deceit LYING
4. No covetousness and stealing STEALING
a. concentrate the mind. b. keep the precepts. c. practice dhyana (meditative ecstasy) for Samadhi (transcendental intelligence).

[This is only a tiny piece of what Kerouac covers on Buddhism.]