• DarkPlaces (c. 7:00)

    In this work the image of the performer appears as a silhouette, sometimes stencilled from graphics, and at other times from videotape images, conveying how all the horrors of the world are experienced, quite literally, within herself. It is a cry of anguish at the realization of all the dark places of the human soul, of hunger and hopelessness, of mans' inhumanity to man, and of the relentless desire to control, whatever the cost. The protagonist finally escapes into the cosmos, where she becomes one with the infinite.

    The visual aspect of the piece is controlled by an Amiga 3000 computer running the Mandala software, which, as in Shadows, causes the image of the performer to become integrated into the program. The image processing also uses a genlock and an MX10 digital mixer. The performer must synchronize her movements with an independant videotape, and with the music, which is generated as a sequence in Performer running on a MacIntosh computer. The title appears as one word in deference to the DOS language in which the script is written.

    This work was presented at the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) held in Hong Kong in August, 1996, and at the Korean ElectroAcoustic Music Festival in Seoul, August, 1996.