NOW is a unique one-woman realtime performance presentation that uses computers, synthesizers, and sometimes a videocamera to integrate music with graphics, video, and dance. The performer can produce symphonies from colors, enter a magical virtual reality world where music and graphics can be created at the wave of a hand, and even generate music directly from her brain activity (Interface). The audience watches the video output from the computer as it is projected onto a large screen; at the same time, the performer is also seen onstage, often dancing in the field of a videocamera, which sends its image to the computer, where it is combined with digital images. As she dances, the performer may become a paintbrush, creating a riot of moving colors (Shadows), create a fantasy world of unicorns and firebirds (Piper at the Gates of Dawn), or explore the darker places of the human soul (DarkPlaces). Other works are described in more detail, and with graphic illustrations, in compositions.

The performance situation is very informal, and since each piece uses different software and a unique set-up, the audience has an opportunity to watch as each program is loaded. At the same time the performer explains the technical function of each item, and also discusses the artistic concept underlying each piece.

Each performance is unique, and is a most exciting experience for both audience and performer alike!

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