• Interface (c.5:00)

    Composers dream of being able to think their music into existence, and, while this is still only science fiction, the Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyzer (IBVA) brings this dream one step closer to reality. The IBVA is a device worn on the forehead of the performer, reading her brain activity and sending it, via radio waves, to a receiver that is attached to one of the serial ports of a MacIntosh computer. Once inside the computer, these brainwaves are mapped onto MIDI functions, causing music to be created as a direct result of brain activity. The IBVA can also be interfaced with MAX, a compositional environment, which can create further interesting processing of the incoming MIDI messages. In addition, the same MIDI messages can be sent, at the same time, to an Amiga computer, where the Bars and Pipes software causes a different graphic to be displayed according to the incoming frequency. Performance is totally dependant upon the performerıs mental state, beginning with low delta and theta waves, creating a calm, meditative style of music, then moving into a more agitated, beta wave state to trigger the more percussive music of the second section. Finally, the performer must calm down again to return to the meditative musical style of the opening, causing the music to end in the same manner in which it began.