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Taylor Davis and Spain Reece shoot over Ace!

Dr. Noah Miller with his Shorthair..Denny and his Pointer...Tidy ...now where did HE get those names?

University of Alabama Football teammates and lifelong dentist friends: Dr. Noah Miller & Dr. Bill Davis--ready to DRILL this bird!!

...petting Patch.

My grandson Ben..shooting quail!

The University of Alabama --"Kicker Of The Decade of the 70s" -- Dr. William (Bill) Davis and his son, Taylor Davis -- University of Alabama graduate -- kickin' up quail.

My son and also MY FRIEND, Jon David-- shooting wild quail over King

My friends -- Coach Davis and a GREAT war veteran the late Mr. Verble Eubanks-- NOW in God's Care...--about to shoot birds over "Little Bess"

My boys from school...among the BEST!