Food Purveyors
Amanda's Farm to Fork
Amanda's Farm to Fork, Lula, GA
Amanda Browning
Products: Chocolate Cake, Strawberry Cake, Peanut Butter Cake, Cinnamon Rolls, and assorted desserts
B & B Enterprises
B & B Enterprises, Flowery Branch, GA
Bob and Bev Bradbury
Products: Local Honey & Honey Items, Honey Pots, Beeswax Candles, Lip Balm, Moisturizing Cream, and Honey Straws
Easy B's Kitchen
Easy B's Kitchen, Gainesville, GA
Tim Broxton
Fresh-made Spinach Artichoke Dips, Pimento Cheese, Fresh Vegetable and Summer Salads, Dark Chocolate Brownies
Homespun Baking Company
Homespun Baking Company, Gainesville, GA
Michelle Colbert
Baked Goods: Specializes in gluten-free baked goods: Cookies, breads and more.
Royal Rose Bakery
Royal Rose Bakery, Gainesville, GA
Mimi (Myriam Shuler)
Baked Goods: Specializes in French baked goods: French baked goods, freshly-made French baguettes, quiches, fruit and flavored dessert loaves.
Sabor Provisions
Sabor, Gainesville, GA
Brenda Saravia
Products: Really good empanadas; Chimole, Creamy Cilantro, Chimichurri and Pesto Sauces, Hibiscus Tea.
Taterbug Southern
Taterbug Southern, Gainesville, GA
Kathy Vaughn
Products: Cakes, cookies, fried pies, and other delicious Southern desserts.
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