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Embellished Image Motifs : Using fabric images, beads and crinoline to create
embellished image motifs - <>

Embellished Travel-Size Tissue Holder -

Beaded Paisleys : Colorful, curved abstract figures to delight the eye - <>



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General Netiquette for CQE List -

Things you will find useful to know -

General Swap Guidelines -

Example swap amounts and sizes; customize to your liking! -

Example of a Newbie Swap -

Hostess Tips -

Round Robin How-To Guidelines -

Helpful tips for buying buttons on eBay by Natalie Ostin -

Books : Embellishing
Crazy Quilting and embellishing titles.  

Books: Beading
Books about embroidery with beads, beaded motifs, ETC.  

Books: Embroidery & Ribbonry Arts
Titles concerning surface embroidery, stumpwork, needlelace and various ribbonry work.  

Books: Miscellaneous embellishing\Trimming, tatting, etc.
Books on trimming with crochet, tatting, bobbin lace, needlelace, punch-needle motifs, tassels, etc.  

Books: Surface Design
Books about painting, printing, overdyeing, fabric manipulation, stamping, imagery, etc.

Tips for organizing a CQ bee, gathering or group -

Compilation of favorite quotes, sayings and proverbs, Victorian and otherwise -

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