Books/Magazines: BEADING

Embroidery with beads, beaded motifs, ETC.

Title  Author Remarks
Bead Embroidery Valerie Campbell-Harding and Pamela Watts  How to choose, select and make a variety of beads for all forms of hand and machine embroidery. 
Bead Embroidery Joan Edwards  A reprint of the bead work classic covering virtually all techniques, with emphasis on conceptual design. Beads and their relationship to textiles are fully explored in words and drawings. Instructions are given for a variety of techniques. 
Beaded Clothing Techniques Therese Spears  "A succinct but thorough booklet that covers the techniques for applying beads to fabric or leather. Step-by-step instructions and useful hints. Techniques cover bead embroidery, Lazy Stitch, beaded fringe, scatter beading, edgings and using a tambour shuttle." 
Beaded Dimensional Embroidery Helan Pearce "The 14 projects featured here are suitable for all skill levels and show just what can be accomplished with brightly colored beads and a little imagination. Projects include a dazzling evening bag, a cozy bed throw, an old-fashioned Christmas ornament, and a wondrous assortment of leaves, vines, and flowers suitable for adorning clothing and linens, among other creative ideas. Some 100 color photographs bring the beading techniques to vivid life, and there’s also a stitch index, complete materials lists, and other useful resources."
Beaded Embellishment: Techniques & Designs for Embroidering on Cloth Amy C. Clarke, Robin Atkins Beaders, quilters, and fiber artists will find this book invaluable for its  technical information about how to apply beads to cloth, resulting in unique creations that will stand the test of time. This guide teaches about bead embroidery stitches; seed, bugle, novelty, and charm beads; woven, nonwoven, and knitted clothes; and Nymo, embroidery, and cotton sewing threads. The four foundation stitches as well as several variations on those stitches are illustrated. In addition, 10 projects, ranging from simple to complex, give beaders a chance to apply this new skill. Projects include an embellished small bag, an embellished jean jacket pocket, decorative pins, necklaces, and an embellished scarf.
Beads to Buckskins Volume 4 Peggy Sue Henry  This volume's topics include Cross Stitching with Beads, Loom Beading without a Loom, Business Tips, Creative Netting, Embroidery with Beads, Inlaying Beadwork into Leather.  
Beautiful Beading: A Beginner's Guide Ruth Wilson  Bead embellishment on clothing or decorative objects. "This book makes even the most complex beading designs accessible and the clarity of text and diagrams means that it is very easy for beginners to follow." 
Embroidery Beading ~ Designs & Techniques Maisie Jarratt  Carries on from "How To Bead," in which the methods and techniques of embroidery beading are explained. 
Embroidery with Beads Angela Thompson  "Beadwork on fabric explained and explored, tambour and other beading techniques, beaded smocking and quilting, beaded edges, fringes, tassels and cords; and a resource list." 
Fine Embellishment Techniques Jane Conlon Subtitled: "Classic Details for Today's Clothing"
Conlon, a frequent contributor to Threads magazine, divides embellishment techniques into 5 major types: Beading (including tambour), threadwork, trims, applique, and bindings/pipings. "Readers will learn they don't have to be experts to add embellishment techniques from the 1920s, '30s, and '40s to their wardrobes. They'll discover the possibilities of adding threadwork, beading, trims, piping, and more to garments. These projects are elegant and sophisticated and especially appealing to those who like glamour but not glitz. Detailed instructions, and 70 color photographs are featured, offering design inspiration of all kinds ..."
Les Perles Paulette Rousset  [French text.] Bead embroidery on fabric with step-by-step instructions for a variety of techniques and patterns for flowers, alphabets and figures. 
Magazine: Bead & Button Kalmbach Publishing Co.  6 issues per year (February, April, June, August, October, December) <> 
Magazine: Beadwork  Interweave Press  Publishes six times a year. <> 
Off the Beadin' Path Nancy Eha  Subtitled: "Discovering your own Creative Trail of Bead Embellishment"
A series of readings and exercises designed to help you unleash your creative talents. 
One Bead at a Time Robin Atkins  Subtitled: Exploring Creativity with Bead Embroidery.
"Learn to stitch beads on fabric improvisationally, creating art work which is compelling, inspired, beautiful, fun and satisfying to make." 
Stitch of Beads Ondori  [Japanese] Bead embroidery for embellishment on accessories and wearables using printed and and textured fabrics.  
Straits Chinese Beadwork & Embroidery: A Guidebook for Collectors Ho Wing Meng  Fascinating information about the Straits Chinese culture, and detailed information about how the beadwork was created. 
The Beading Book Julia Jones  Covers beading with embroidery, quilting, smocking, crocheting, knitting, weaving. Appropriate for experienced or beginning beaders.