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Title  Author Remarks
101 Crazy Quilt Blocks  Linda Causee; American School of Needlework  ANS publication #4202. Includes full-size foundation piecing patterns, and 20 decorative embroidery stitches for embellishing seams. 
An Encyclopedia of Crazy Quilt Stitches & Motifs  Linda Causee (produced by Rita Weiss)  90 CQ stitches; 11 ribbon motifs; stitch variations (American School of Needlework publication #4178)
Complete Book of Crazy Patchwork  Mary Conroy  (OOP) Step-by-step guide to crazy patchwork projects. 
Crazy Patchwork  Meryl Potter  (OOP) More than 20 projects combine patchwork & embroidery, each with step-by-step instructions. Extensive stitch library includes how-to diagrams, stitch combinations and simple motifs. 
  (Lothian Books; 1st edition, May 1998) ISBN: 0850917972
{This book is worth finding for its unique embellishing and clever shapes ideas.}
Crazy Patchwork  Janet Haigh  {Includes some unique embellishing ideas. I love her sense of color.}
  From pillows and throws to memory book covers and lampshades, Crazy Patchwork takes the theme of traditional crazy quilts and applies its principles to a whole range of ideas for gifts and for the home. Includes all the information a crafter needs to make exciting crazy quilt projects. All 20 projects can be easily machine-pieced or machine-embroidered and all use a range of brilliant colors.  Janet Haigh is an established patchwork artist and embroiderer with more than 20 exhibitions to her credit. She's also a gifted quilting and embroidery instructor, specializing in crazy quilts.
  (McGraw-Hill; 1st edition, September 1998) ISBN: 0844226645
Crazy Quilt Decor J. Marsha Michler 50+ projects utilizing 7 techniques for any room in your home.  Choose from five decor themes: Far East, Western, Victorian, Country and Whimsy. Create works of art with quilts, wallhangings, pillows, bath mat and lace curtains. The glossary includes the techniques, fabrications and embroidery stitches that will help you quilt successfully and with style.
  (Krause Publications, May 2005) ISBN: 0873497651

Crazy Quilt Handbook, Revised, Second Edition (October 2001)  Judith Baker Montano  Good book for beginning your CQ calling. Revised edition has been updated in full color with new projects, new photography, and 3 new designs for a total of 10 beautiful projects to get you started, including wallhangings, jewelry, and an evening bag. 
  (C&T Publishing; Revised edition, October 2001) ISBN: 1571201734 
Crazy Quilt Odyssey : Adventures in Victorian Needlework  Judith Montano  (OOP) Judith's second book on creating unique heirloom quality crazy quilts. 
  (C&T Publishing, August 1991) ISBN: 0914881418

Crazy Quilted Heirlooms and Gifts J. Marsha Michler 30 attractive crazy quilt projects for the wardrobe and home. Explore a variety of sewing techniques, such as needle art and embroidery stitches, while bringing a new perspective to the beautiful tradition of crazy quilting. Detailed instructions along with illustrations and colorful photos allow quilters of all skill levels to create exciting and unique projects such as curtain tiebacks, notebook covers, bibs, silk ties, gift bags, an elegant silk stole, and more.

Crazy Quilt Stitches  Dorothy Bond  More than 1,000 stitch combinations gathered into 22 categories. This 103-page book is totally hand-written and illustrated. Printed on heavy textured paper, with laminated covers, it has a flex-binding enabling pages to lay open for easy referral.  
Crazy Quilting  Christine Dabbs  A large how-to section in the book shows readers how they can combine Victorian embroidery designs and motifs with new inspiration to create a beautiful crazy quilt that will become a family heirloom. 
Crazy Quilts by Machine  J. Marsha Michler  For creating CQs by machine or combining hand and machine methods. 
Crazy Rags  Deborah Brunner  Instructions for turning bits of fabric into a Kimono, Safari Vest, French Beret or one of six other artistic wearables. 
Crazy with Cotton  Diana Leone  How to make heirloom crazy quilts documenting lives in a story for future generations. 
  (C&T Publishing, December 1996) ISBN: 1571200177
Creative Crazy Patchwork  Helen Moore & Theresia Stockton  {One of my favorite books for pretty projects.}   Gives beginner and experienced stitchers some starting points. For the beginner: how to play with colour and find combinations you like, how to patch the fabric, the stitches for seams, stitch combinations and some further decoration ideas. A range of projects to provide beginners with a starting point and experienced crazy patchworkers with some fresh ideas. Includes teddy bear with detailed patchwork drawings and many other projects, such as purses, pillows, vests, boxes, etc. 
  (Creative House, November 1997) ISBN: 1863432981 

Embroidery Stitches by Joan Waldman (Quilt Savvy series)   Joan Waldman, a.k.a. Joan Sjuts Waldman "This collection of stitch combinations is the result of nearly 30 years of designing in notebooks and on sample cloths ..."
  (American Quilter's Society; Spiral edition, October 15, 2004) ISBN: 157432862X

Hanky-Panky Crazy Quilts Cindy Brick Using decorative and/or cherished hankies in a crazy quilt along with other sentimental trinkets. Twelve quilts in full color are shown to give you the inspiration to make your own heirloom that will be treasured for years to come.
  (American School of Needlework, September 2002) ISBN: 1590120507
Judith Baker Montano: Art & Inspirations  Judith Baker Montano  Some tips and techniques on ribbon embroidery and crazy quilting, but it's mostly INSPIRING to look at.
  (C&T Publishing, November 1997) ISBN: 1571200371   
Magazine: Quilting Arts  Published quarterly by Quilting Arts, LLC  <> Magazine resource for embellished quilting  
Magic of Crazy Quilting, The  J. Marsha Michler A complete resource for embellished quilting. {IMO, if you can only get 1 book, this is THE best CQ book, from beginners to intermediate.} 
Magic of Crazy Quilting, Second Edition J. Marsha Michler A complete resource for embellished quilting. {IMO, if you can only get 1 book, this is THE best CQ book, from beginners to intermediate.} 
  (Krause Publications; 2nd edition, January 2004) ISBN: 0873497244

Memorabilia Quilting  Jean Wells  Variety of embellishment techniques for 34 projects, including clothing, jewelry and quilts. 
Motifs for Crazy Quilting J. Marsha Michler Learn to create fantastic surface embellishments for crazy quilts! Touted as "The first book dedicated to surface embellishments on crazy quilts," Michler presents quilters with everything they need to know about creating their own hand-worked motifs and patterns, and transferring them to patch interiors. From flowers and animals to the alphabet and more, use techniques such as silk ribbon embroidery, punch needle, tambour work, beading, and cross-stitch to create these gorgeous surface embellishments. Includes a review of crazy quilting basics, embroidery stitches, and surface design techniques. Michler has been working magic with crazy quilting projects for more than 15 years. This is her sixth book.
Quilted Projects from Scraps and Stash: Crazy Quilting, Collage, and Embellishments Betty Auth and Candie Frankel A little quilting can be just as fun and rewarding, and much faster, than making a full-fledged quilt. Find a use for those fabric treasures you've been stashing away just waiting to be transformed into beautiful items. This book includes a range of small to medium quilted projects made from vintage or new pieces of fabrics including velvet, lace, silk, satin, and painted pieces. A variety of materials and techniques are illustrated to create purses, pillows, lamp shades, tote bags, album covers, and more. Complete with a photo gallery of finished pieces, this guide can help veterans and beginners create lovely quilted items to give as gifts or keep for themselves.
  (Quarry Books, February 2004) ISBN: 1564969835

Ribbon Embroidery for Crazy Quilts   American School of Needlework, publication #4201   59 ribbon designs by the Kooler Design Studios; divided into categories of butterflies, bouquets, flowers, birds, foliage and plants, fruit and afterthoughts. (26 pages.) 
Sadi Thread & Shisha Glass Embroidery Betty Luke Sadi thread is made of fine metal, twisted into coils and used as a surface decoration which can be cut, stretched or curved into shapes and couched, beaded or laid onto fabric. Shisha is mirror glass, hand cut into small geometric shapes. The pieces are attached to fabric by a frame of threads, sadi or covered rings or by a covering of sheer material. Both techniques have strong traditions in lavish and decorative embroidery. Betty Luke has laid out the techniques used for the sadi and shisha, drawing on popular embroidery stitches and giving clear step-by-step instructions. She also provides the basis for creating your own unique designs using these unusual materials.
  (Sally Milner Publishing. May 2001) ISBN: 1863512659
Sew Crazy with Decorative Threads & Stitches Alice Kolb Editorial Review from Library Journal:  "This volume translates the crazy-quilting process to the modern sewing machine, preserving the enchanting quirkiness while making it easier and faster to do. An excellent self-teaching resource, this book would serve equally well in a classroom situation. Major sections discuss an evaluation of sewing machine features with respect to the demands of crazy quilting; an introduction to fabrics, threads, and stabilizers; and an explanation of using these elements for crazy quilting, straight-stitch applique, embellishments, and finishing. Also included are seven skill-building projects and a gallery of the work of "guest quilters" who have taken machine crazy quilting/patchwork to new levels. Highly recommended for public library and quilting collections."
  (American Quilter's Society, February 2002) ISBN: 1574327836

Stitch Magic Ideas and Interpretation Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn

Using a wide range of fabrics, threads and materials now available, Jan and Jean give embroiderers the inspiration to experiment with the basic hand stitches to create infinite stitch interpretations. Over 90 photographs of stitched pieces introduce a breathtaking range of new work by the authors as well as stitching from different cultures and a selection of other contemporary work. A chapter covering unusual backgrounds including bonding applications, foils, Tyvek, acrylic waxes, cellophane, and more provides a fertile ground for imaginative work. 

Sumptuous Patchwork : Embellished with Embroidery, Beading and Stenciling   Christine Donaldson (editor)  Some of the 30 original projects include: Butterfly Kimono, Sampler Cushion, Evening Jacket, Crazy Patchwork Wallhanging, Silk Purse, "Indian Reflections" quilt, Tudor Style Bodice, Beaded and Quilted Panel, and a jewelry case.  
The Big Book of Crazy Quilt Stitches  Leisure Arts #1872  75+ embroidery stitches and floral motifs; 20 pages. 
Treasury of Crazy Quilt Stitches  Carole Samples  {A CQ must-have} "A Comprehensive Guide to Traditional Hand Embroidery Inspired by Antique Crazyquilts"
  (American Quilter's Society, November 1999) ISBN: 1574327283 
Vanishing Act Jan Beaney

For creative embroiderers, water soluble stabilizer is one of the most exciting discoveries of the latter part of the 20th Century. It provides a base for which decorative threads, machine stitches and other embellishments may be used to create a new "fabric" or "lace." The author provides information, instruction and inspiration for many exciting projects.

Voluptuous Velvet Jean Littlejohn

This book highlights the techniques for embellishing velvet with appliqué and free bonding, and hand and machine stitching for a glorious affect. It includes a range of dyeing and painting methods for velvet.

Vest Book, The   Jacqueline Farrell  {Great for embellishing ideas!!} Create and customize your own vests using embroidery, fabric painting, beadwork, applique, and a host of other techniques. 

Victorian Quilt (Japanese publication) Michiko Sonobe published by Fujin Seikatsu Sha Inspired by the Victorian era.  "Arranged for beginners who love Victorian quilt. Mainly useful goods are introduced such as bags, purses and interior goods. Many of them are made from cloth designed by Michiko Sonobe." 
{This title is available through Vintage Vogue: }
Victorian Elegance: Exquisite Stitches & Crazy Patchwork  Lezette Thomason  10 elegant projects; 3 CQ patchwork techniques; 80+ stitches.
  (Martingale & Co. Inc., June 1996) ISBN: 1564771598
Victorian Patchwork & Quilting  Arlene Dettore and Beverly Maxvill  (OOP) Meredith Press' eighth annual volume of quilt books. Beautiful stuff. Unique method of piecing. 


Non-traditional crazy quilt / embellishing type books:

• Stack the Deck! : Crazy Quilts in 4 Easy Steps by Karla Alexander
(That Patchwork Place, August 2002) ISBN: 1564774341
Love the look of crazy quilts? Now you can transform this old-fashioned favorite into a fast and fun quilting adventure. Stack, slice, shuffle and sew your way to gorgeous crazy quilts! Make extraordinary crazy quilts in just four easy steps that simplify their construction. Start by stacking and slicing fabrics into different shapes; then shuffle and sew them. Move beyond traditional crazy quilts by learning to use crazy blocks in new ways, such as in borders and backgrounds. Give classic patchwork and applique blocks an all-new, crazy look.

• Stack a New Deck : More Great Quilts in 4 Easy Steps by Karla Alexander
  (Martingale and Company, April 2004) ISBN: 1564775372
Get ready to go beyond Crazy Quilts with the four S's --stack, slice, shuffle, and sew-- in this sequel to Stack the Deck! Sidestep the traditional rules of quiltmaking with these fast, fun ideas.  Use Stack-the-Deck steps to simplify curves, diamonds, and other classic patchwork shapes.  Eighteen new quilts feature a wide range of styles, so there’s something for every quilter to enjoy.  All projects start with simple squares, making every pattern beginner friendly.