If you share a fascination and enthusiasm for crazy quilting
and the arts of embellishment, come join us!


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     We cover lots of territory because of the multitude of embellishment possibilities available. Thus, a long list of mixed media topics are discussed here -- i.e., beading, buttons, baubles, charms, vintage tobacco (cigarette) silks, computer-printed images / BubbleJet Set, traditional surface embroidery, Brazilian / dimensional embroidery, stumpwork, dyeing (threads, fabric, lace, ribbons), suminagashi, shibori, marbling fabric, silk ribbon embroidery, ribbon manipulations, painting or stenciling on fabric, and other surface design, painting velvet (Theorem), motifs, applique, polymer clay embellishments, stamping fabric, felting, collage/melange, trimmings with tatting, crochet, passementerie, ETC. ...

If you can embellish with it, we want to know! 
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Would you like to learn how to piece and embellish blocks, learn a CQ method or show us your handiwork? Do you embellish wearables? Perhaps you could share your knowledge and experience with us or teach us something we didn't know.

We have round robins and swaps to enhance your stitching pleasure.

I hope you'll join us!
suzanneMI, Queen emBelle

~ Welcome to the "collective" of Crazy Quilters ~
You have been assimilated. Resistance is futile.

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List Guidelines : General Netiquette.

Monthly FYI : Things you will find useful to know.

CQembellishers Main Page at YahooGroups

Round Robins : How-to guidelines.

Swaps : Guideline information.

Newbie Swaps : An example to follow.

Hostessing a Swap : Helpful outline to help you be a "Hostess with the Most-est"

CQ Market : The advertising venue for CQembellishers.


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