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Founded April 2001

Update March 2009
NOTE:  Due to CrickRock closing -- without so much as a notice, thankyouverymuch -- I am in the process of finding a new ring host.  Unfortunately, they also left me without the ability to access the master list of sites included in my ring.  Aargh!

If you have questions, you can contact me at suzanne MI @ yahoo . com [no spaces]

The Crazy Quilt Web-Ring is open to anyone who shares a fascination and love for crazy quilting and its arts of embellishments.

Anyone who has created a web page which predominantly features crazy quilting / crazy patchwork, or its various forms of embellishings, is encouraged to participate, including commercial vendors who sell embellishing resources; HOWEVER, your page should have more than just a product to sell -- it should contain embellishing info of interest and have sufficient depth of embellishment content to share.

The only other criteria is that your site be "PG-rated" and safe for any age.
PLEASE NOTE: Websites are approved or declined at the ring mistress' discretion in reviewing the ring requirements.

By joining the Crazy Quilt Web-Ring, you will be able to link with other CQ-related web sites to form a continuous source of information about crazy quilting / embellishing and its related arts, increase traffic to your site, and develop an online community of like-minded individuals. Your site becomes part of a larger whole. In addition, people who may not normally visit your page will come across your site as they journey along the ring.

To apply for the Crazy Quilt Web-Ring, please proceed with the following steps:

1.  Fill in the following form to submit your site for consideration. An e-mail will be sent automatically to the web-ring mistress notifying her that you have submitted your site to the web-ring queue. 

For now, you can reach me at suzanne MI @ yahoo . com [no spaces]

2.  Once you have submitted your site, you will receive an e-mail instructing you to add an "HTML fragment" to your site, which will position the web-ring code. (See example below.) Your site cannot be added to the web-ring without the correct HTML fragment.

It should look something like this on your page.

sitetitle=$::sitetitle is part of the

Crazy Quilt Web-Ring

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3.  After you have the HTML fragment and graphics on your page, you need to e-mail the web-ring mistress, who will view it prior to adding you to the ring. Again, please note that your site cannot be reviewed until you contact the web-ring owner and notify her that it is in place.

It's that easy!  We look forward to visiting your site and adding you to the Crazy Quilt Web-Ring!

If you would like to surf the web-ring, you can begin at my page:<http://webpages.charter.net/ssurf/index/cqe.html>

2001 suzanneMI

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