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(Subject to Revision\Last Revised 09-29-02)

The following guidelines and commentary were compiled by moderator and list owner, suzanneMI, and I take full responsibility for their content. If you have questions or comments about these guidelines, please write to me at

Please read anything with a subject line that starts ADMIN. If I am writing in my capacity as moderator and list owner, the Subject line will say "ADMIN:".

Because I'd like to foster an atmosphere of comraderie, there is no strict requirement that you limit the amount of chat in your messages. I do ask that your message not be *only* chat, however, and that you keep in mind that CQ and its related subtopics (there are many) is the focus of the list. Sound fair?

This list is meant to be fun as well as informative. As the list grows, we can customize guidelines which help facilitate keeping it an enjoyable experience for all.

    NOTE: Please do not be offended if you aren't greeted with "Welcome to the List" announcements posted to the list. Some members will welcome you privately. We do not purposely ignore new members, but it gets old real fast to have dozens of short "Hi, Welcome" messages. Sometimes we're not feeling "chatty," sometimes we're busy, sometimes we're premenstrual, blah, blah, blah. Take it for granted that, OF COURSE, you are welcome to the list!  icon_wink3.gif (1290 bytes) 

General Info

Topics of discussion:
        The list is for discussions of all crazy quilting, crazy patchwork, embroidery and all associated embellishment arts. What projects are you currently working on? Pics/scans you've posted, discussion about a product or class, techniques, tools, inspiration for your compositions, fiber events to tell us about, a fine store or meeting up with a fellow emBelle and, of course, problems, solutions and classes you have attended are always good subjects to present to the list.

List postings:
        All posts are automatically sent to the entire list when you hit reply or reply all. Take a moment before you send any message to make sure it is going to the intended recipient. If your response is to an individual, and would be potentially embarrassing for you if seen by the list, be sure that you delete the CQembellishers list address and place their address in the "To:" field.
        Remember, Digest folks can't delete; they have to download the entire quantity of messages, so please be considerate about what you post and think before you send.
        If you have e-mail software that includes loverly stationery, please save it for your private correspondence or other lists which allow their use. Those messages are often impossible to read without highlighting the entire message, and the file can be rather large even for a one-liner message. As pretty as they can be, they cannot be read by many e-mail programs, and it must take folks with older computers forever to download these messages, which is understandably disturbing.

Subject lines:
        Typically, when we reply to a list message, we leave the subject as is. However, if the subject is Digest #007, it is a mystery what your subject is. Try to make the subject as specific as possible. This will save space and time and make the list natives happy.
        To reply from digest mode, highlight the topic you wish to respond to, hit reply and, wa-lah, only that portion of the message will appear on the screen. PLEASE remember to remove the Digest subject heading and place an appropriate subject in that line. In addition, if your message is not for all eyes, remember change the "To:" field.
        Also, if it's off topic, try to remember to add OT to your subject line so that those who do not wish to follow the thread can delete at will (with apologies to the Digest folks who can't).

        This list does not allow attachments. Everyone does not use the same equipment and servers, nor are all of our members at the same level of proficiency using the computer as others. This measure also helps protect you from contracting viruses that attach themselves to e-mail messages. It can be frustrating for slower connections when huge files arrive, clog one's mailbox, and prevent one from getting their ordinary mail. 

Blatant Advertising:
        Posting information just to sell something or promote yourself or business is not permitted. HOWEVER, if you want to tell someone about a new book, resource, etc., and where you found it, that is fine. If you need help locating something and someone responds with where it can be found, that is allowable and encouraged. [I, personally, would never have found Vikki Clayton's hand-dyed fibers if someone hadn't shared!]
    Those who join the list, go no-mail and immediately start sending posts about something they sell, will be banned.
    A note about eBay auctions: While you may post a link to your auctions in your signature line, this list is not an avenue to announce auctions. Your sig line cannot be more than six lines total! You have the option of announcing your eBay auctions in our weekly CQ Market, but you must also be an active member posting questions, suggestions and discussion. So, in other words, if you want only to drum up sales, don't expect to see your advertisements make it to the list. Your needs would be better served elsewhere. 'nuf said ...

        Messages for CQembellishers are archived at: <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CQembellishers/messages>. You are encouraged to retrieve past messages from this site to get caught up on list happenings and current discussions while you've been busy (stitching, hopefully).

Commercial Activity/Vendors:
        We combine ads and post once a week in our CQ Market which is posted on Sundays. Reminders for ads are sent on Thursday.
        Ads/announcements must be CQ related, of course. This means that any product you advertise needs to be especially applicable to CQing and its related outgrowths.
    PLEASE NOTE: You are required to be a participating member of the CQembellishers list in order to advertise in the CQ Market. It is not fair to sign on for membership and then do nothing but submit advertisements. How will we know who you are if you don't participate on the list? We need to be able to trust those who advertise here. If you do not contribute to the list periodically -- by posting a comment, a question, an answer, a link (or by participating in RRs, swaps), etc. -- do not expect to get a free ride in advertising and the sales it generates.

Signature Lines:
     I need to address the length of signature lines. While I usually don't have a problem with sig lines, they seem to be growing in excess of the standard acceptable netiquette length of 4-5 lines. In addition, for some reason, links made by AOL-users get duplicated one right after the other in the A HREF codes ~ at least that's how I'm receiving them, and makes for a pretty wieldy sig line.
     I am aware that some members provide contact information, may be owners of a business, have a service to offer, or be operators / moderators of their own lists; as such, I understand how proud you are, and wish to inform others in your signature line. However, please keep it brief and pertinent, avoid repetition, and keep your signature line to a maximum of 6 lines. I believe this is fair. {As a side note, don't forget that we have a CQ Market every week for ads.}

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* What's Discouraged *

My personal pet peeves
(you have some too, I'm sure, but, hey, it's my list now) icon_bigWink.gif (671 bytes)

* Personal notes ~ Chatty, back-and-forth conversations that are not CQ-related (such as what is the weather like) should be sent privately or taken to the chat room. 
   (FYI: If infractions continue after polite reminders, you could be temporarily set to moderated status without notice.)

* Me-too posts ~ Please refrain from "me-too" posts which do not add any helpful information.

* Simple Thank-you's ~ My personal pet peeve is scrolling through a message only to see two words added at the bottom of it, like "Thank you." [Aargh!] Thank-you's are great, but please try to send them privately, UNLESS you are sharing the fabulous swaps, round robins or other list-related goodies you received and want tell us whatcha got.

* Excessive quoting ~ Please remember to edit your replies, including removing the footers. To make the posts and digests readable, as well as to reduce download time, PLEASE remember to edit messages when you reply, quoting the minimum required to make sense.
     Anyone who consistently sends whole messages without editing the lengthy footers will be placed on moderated status without warning. This means your posts will not get to the list until I have a chance to go in, edit\delete the extra stuff and then send them through.

* Anything with a personal snail-mail address or telephone number. (This is just wisdom.)

* Messages to ping the list ~ Please do not send a message to the list whose sole purpose is to find out whether the list is alive (also called pinging). Think about it: if the list server is dead, it won't tell you anything; and if it isn't, you have just sent unnecessary mail to hundreds of people.

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-- What's Definitely Not Allowed --

~ Please do not post insinuations or dissatisfaction about other lists or individuals here. It serves no purpose but to cause hurt feelings and stir up negative responses.

~ Virus warnings ~ Please check Stiller's Virus News <http://www.stiller.com/vnews.htm> before notifying me privately of a suspected virus. Some are legitimate, but most are not.

~ Flames ~ Treat others as you would like to be treated. In the words of soul diva Aretha Franklin: "R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me."

~ Urban legends ~ Unfortunately, urban legends are not recognized by the people who pass them on. Please check <http://www.stiller.com/hoaxes.htm> before attempting to rescue your sistahs from having their kidneys absconded with, roust an opposition to the eMail/internet tax, warn those of us who heat water in a microwave, or otherwise sounding an alarm.

~ Violations of "fair use" of copyrighted material, or discussion of copyright. (Like politics and religion, everyone has their beliefs, but this is not the forum to discuss them.)

~ Prayer requests ~ I'm as compassionate as the next guy, honest, but I'd rather not see a proliferation of these.

~ Profanity ~ Watch your d@mn language! ;o)

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I hope that CQembellishers provides a congenial atmosphere that people will want to hang around in and talk about crazy quilting, embellishment arts, embroidery and other related topics.

Suggestions about how to best achieve that atmosphere can be sent me privately, unless I indicate otherwise by asking you to post to the list.

Thanks for making it to the end,
suzanneMI, Queen emBelle
a\k\a List Owner-Moderator, CQembellishers

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