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This is a great swap opportunity for first-timers to get their feet wet, so to speak. You don't have to worry about matching colors or finding particular theme things ... just get the counts right. 

~ Swap Guidelines ~

You may send 3 - 10 baggies. Please include your name and e-mail addy in/on each baggie. All baggies can contain the same goodies, or they all can be different.

Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with sufficient postage to return your swapped goodies. (Please, DO NOT use metered mail!)

International swappers: I will cover the cost of return postage for you if you send a "postal bribe" goodie bag of CQ stuff equivalent in value to postage costs.  ;o)


At least two (2) different fabrics to equal 12" square.
     This could be (2) 6"x12" pieces or (4) 6" squares, or any combo of these. {For example, (2) 8" x 8" squares + (1) 4" x 4" square equals (1) 12" square; or (2) 6" x 9" pieces + (1) 6" x 6" piece equals (1) 12" square.} We're going for maximum variety here, so please do not send just one piece of 12-inch-square fabric.
     Please Note: NO STRETCH KNIT OR SHEER fabrics. (A square of lace is OK, however.)
     You can send brocades, velvets, satins, silks, damasks, any FANCY fabrics. You can send ANY COLOR or pattern of your fabric choices. It would be nice if each baggie had four (4) different fabrics. Have some fun and see just what terrific fabrics you can find!
     No calicoes, please. The only acceptable cottons are perhaps some beautimous hand-dyed stuff (yours or manufactured) or the wonderful cottons with metallics that quilters love. They come in all styles and varieties.

     Please choose three (3) different ones from the following list:

1) Threads or Yarns (for couching or stitching) ...
    ... 1 yard each of three (3) different choices. We wanna see different threads, yarns and fibers that not everyone has available to them. Example fuzzy, shiny, textured, metallic, slubbed, overdyed, bouclé, mohair, chenille, silks, rayon, perle cotton, silk buttonhole twist, etc.
    No plain embroidery floss, please. [By "plain embroidery floss" I mean DMC/Anchor/Coats six-strand cotton floss ~ only because it is so readily available to most everyone.]

2) Charms ...
    ... no particular theme; anything that you think goes well with your fabric choices. Send 2 to 4, depending on size.

3) Beads ...
    ... send from two (2) large, unique (or "expensive") ones to six (6) small-to-medium sized. These can be glass, bone, wood, shell, metallic, polymer clay, beaded beads; or you can send 1 teaspoon of seed beads or *washable* sequins. No plastic beads, please.

4) Motifs ...
    ... send 1 to 3 motifs, depending on size [1 large or 2 medium or 3 small]. Any theme goes. You can have some fun here! Beaded thingies, tatted do-hickies, crochet, punch needle, lace or machine-embroidered applique, design/image printed onto fabric, cigarette silk reproductions! ... Virtually any design, symbol, or "object" that you can piece into a block or attach to CQ that fits the theme of the piece is a "motif." Pick whatever your fave technique is and play!

5) Braids/Trims/Sequins ...
    ... send a 1/2- to 1-yard piece (depending on width) of two (2) different choices. These can be any color, but THINK FANCY. Soutache, gimp, velvet ribbon, brocade/jacquard ribbon, beaded/sequined trims, metallic, etc.

6) Buttons ...
    ... send 2 to 6, depending on size. THINK FANCY. These can be made of metal, glass, shell, bone, etc., but NO plain plastic shirt buttons, please.

~ The Golden Rule of Swapping ~
"Swap unto others as you would like to receive."

If we all do this, no one will be upset or disappointed.


Any questions? Write me at <mailto>

*** Some Helpful Information ***

<**> Please send swap messages privately and not to the list. People who are not in the swap are not interested in the details. =;D

<**> Most important: READ the guidelines CAREFULLY. Pay particular attention to the fiber content of fabrics, and things like "no plastic buttons." If you cannot match the guidelines and have something drop-dead gorgeous, then e-mail the hostess and talk about it. Otherwise, just skip the swap and wait for another one. While these swaps are meant for fun, it's important that the playing field be level, and everyone will be expecting what's in the guidelines.

    Include a slip of paper in each baggie with your name, address and e-mail on it so the post office will be able to return it if the package comes apart, and so the recipient will know whom to thank.
    Place all your swap baggies in a large baggie and write your name and address on the outside of the baggie with a permanent marker in case the package gets opened en route.
    Put this large baggie into a mailing envelope addressed to the swap hostess along with your pre-stamped envelope addressed to yourself for return. (Be sure to use stamps and not a meter strip on your return envelope.)

For U.S. swappers, Priority Mail might be the most convenient way to send your package; however, they do not guarantee 2- to 3-day delivery for the price. As of May 14, 2007, $4.60 covers everything up to 1 pound. Anything over 1 pound is now zoned from your zip code. Free Priority mailing supplies, including Tyvek™ envelopes, are available at your post office. You don't have send your baggies Priority Mail! As long as you provide sufficient postage for your return-mail envelope and allow enough time for arrival, that will be fine.

Swappers outside the USA should contact the hostess for mailing / return mailing procedures.


1. When swapping fabric, it can be helpful to indicate whatever info you have on the fabric -- fiber content, whether washed or not, new or recycled, fades, etc.

2. Make sure charms and buttons are clean and recycled buttons have the old threads cut off.

3. Wind threads neatly on some kind of a card and label them so that the receiver can get more if she loves them.

4. Put seed and other small beads in a tiny baggie, or wrap in a piece of plastic wrap.

5. When you send your swap and when you receive your swap back, let the hostess know that it's on its way or has arrived safely.

6. Read the guidelines carefully and make sure you are sending what is called for. If you have a question(s) , write the hostess privately.

7. Be reliable about meeting deadlines. If you can't, let the hostess know immediately and give her an idea as to when you will be mailing.

8. Hostess gifts are always optional, but you should definitely take time to thank the hostess. Hosting a swap is a lot of work! If you wish to include a small gift for the hostess -- an extra squishie, something interesting from your stash, or something that you know the hostess especially likes, would all be appropriate. Be sure to mark it so the hostess knows it's for her.

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