Sample swap amounts/sizes: A guideline for swaps.

Customize to your liking! Choose any or all for your own customized swap.

Composed by suzanneMI

Item Remarks
Beads / Gemstones • 1 large bead (12mm or larger) OR
• 2 medium beads (8mm to 10mm) OR
• 3 small beads (5mm to 7mm); OR
   • teaspoon of semi-precious gemstone chips/beads; OR
   • teaspoon of Size E/5 to 8 beads; OR
   • teaspoon of size 11 seed beads.
   [Note: No plastic children's pony beads or fluorescent colors, please.]
Buttons • 1 large (7/8-inch or bigger) OR
• 2 medium (5/8-inch to 3/4-inch) OR
• 3-4 small (1/4- to 1/2-inch).
   [Please Note: Glass, shell, acrylic, clay, metal, ceramic, mother of pearl -- it doesn't matter -- but they cannot be plain shirt buttons.]
Baubles ~ Such as: Jewelry components from an old necklace or costume jewelry; a small, gemmy- type brooch, etc.; Glass or Swarovski crystals; Glass or gemstone cabochons; Sew-on jewels/rhinestones (montees).
• 1 large (7/8-inch or bigger) OR
• 2 medium (5/8- to 3/4-inch) OR
• 3-4 small (1/4- to 1/2-inch) baubles.
Fancy Trims, Edgings & Ribbons (Send 2) ~ FANCY trim, decorative/woven ribbon, ornamental braid, edging, gimp, soutache, velvety ribbon, etc.
• 9" of wide (7/8-inch or wider) OR
• 18" of narrow (up to 3/4-inch)
Venice/Venise Lace or Cluny Lace (These do not have to be vintage/antique.)
• 9" of wide (7/8-inch or wider) OR
• 18" of narrow (up to 3/4-inch)
Vintage/Antique Lace ~ Vintage laces are at least 50 years old; antique laces are older. (They are definitely not what you would find at JoAnn Fabrics!) Expect some discoloration, which adds to its character.
• 6" of wide (7/8-inch or wider) OR
• 9" of narrow (up to 3/4-inch)
Threads • 1 yard each of two (2) "specialty" threads or fibers; i.e., overdyed / variegated, hand-dyed, metallics, blending threads, couching thread, silk, rayon, fancy cotton, etc.
   [Note: No solid-color DMC/Anchor plain cotton 6-strand floss, please, only because this is so readily available to most people.]
Sequins ~ Be sure they are good quality and washable (will sometimes be sold on a string of 1,000 sequins).
• One (1) teaspoon of 4mm, 6mm or 8mm, either flat or cupped (faceted).
Motifs ~ One which coordinates with the swap theme.
     A motif is any kind of element that might go on a CQ patch or across one or more patches instead of along a seam. It might be:
a lace, sequin or machine-embroidered applique;
an embroidered, painted, or beaded picture or design (or one printed from your computer onto fabric);
a crocheted or beaded element;
an interesting "found object";
an SRE design;
a silk flower or handmade flower sewn on and embellished with thread or beads;
an object (such as a flower, paisley, geometric design, fish, shell, animal, or insect, etc.) that you cut from printed fabric and use as an applique.
     Virtually any design, symbol, or "object" that you can piece into a block or attach to CQ that fits the theme of the piece is a motif.
Charms (Send 2) ~ Anything fun.
Pearls • One (1) teaspoon of glass pearls (NO PLASTIC), any color, from 4mm to 8mm; OR
• 1/2 teaspoon of freshwater pearls, any color, from 3mm to 5mm.

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tinyhrtpatch-gold.gif (950 bytes)  Based on past experience, some folks have added extras to their squishies. While these additions are an unexpected Bonus, they are not mandatory and are solely up to the individual sender! Examples of these additions have been small amounts of coordinating seed beads, lengths of coordinating embroidery fibers, extra wee motifs, smaller pieces of fancy trims, extra charms or baubles. It's only limited by our stashes!

tinyhrtpatch-gold.gif (950 bytes)  Please keep in mind the quality of what you send. Would *you* like to receive the same kind of squishies that you're sending, or would you find them to be lacking or uninspiring?