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Welcome to all the new subscribers! Make yourself at home and be sure to check out the Database, Files, and Bookmarks areas. There's lots to see.

There is no requirement to introduce yourself, and members who choose to remain silent are free to do so; but, for those of you who would like to take the time to introduce yourself, here are 5 simple questions to use as a starting guide. Feel free to answer any, all or none of them

   1. Who are you and what would you like us to know about you?

   2. Why do you like CQ/embellishing or Why do you think you are attracted to this medium?

   3. What is your current embellishment focus/project, or What would you like to learn next, or What area do you hope to grow in?

   4. How do you learn new techniques ~ books, videos, self-taught, classes/workshops.

   5. Where do you obtain your supplies? (thrift shops, online, friends, catalogs, craft/art stores, etc.)

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Welcome to the "collective" of Crazy Quilters ~ You have been assimilated; resistance is futile.
suzanneMI, Queen emBelle